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Title of Suggestion: FiveM Focus

Cease GMod development and focus on FiveM

Garry's Mod isn't a game that is going to see any growth, especially looking forward on the future generation with their entry level setups exceeding garry's mod graphics and mechanics.  It's dated.

Time to focus on a different game, Personally - I see FiveM being a strong start and will promote a much more sustainable for the future of FL

More populated player base
greater RP player population
Newer and more familiar with today's demographic
better RP
will attract new community members, thus growing the community
Greater RP potential, a map the size of GTA makes room for endless RP possibilities

Lets not let nostalgia impede on the growth and sustainability of a community
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We do actively look at gmod's health and alternatives while planning out the future, currently we have no plans to move to FiveM. Our focus is 100% set to gmod CityRP for the foreseeable future. If you're looking for a FiveM experience, we simply won't be able to provide that to you. Even if we do ever move, it's unlikely to be to FiveM with how things are looking right now.

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