rank the new owners
doctor internet is number one because hes a doctor which would be useful and also internet is something i use everyday
wolven is second because he went to my local co-op and im scared if i dont put him near the top
pollux is third mainly because self is definitely fourth and also wtf is a pollux i cant comment on that because i dont know
self is fourth because self insinuates that he is selfish so he has been ranked fourth for this reason
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  • Wolven, Nuka
Here are my personal rankings including ex owners:
1st) Doctor Internet - He's in a wheelchair (diversity hire)
2nd) Soulripper - Elevator fan
3rd) Conn - Proud tory

4th) Wolven - Was a big mean bully to me like 10 years ago
5th) Pollux - Wastes lots of money (contributed the largest share to a dead gmod server lmao)
Chief and Fallen were probably ok I guess and whoever the random other 4th initial owner was and I would definitely put myself in the most owners of all time
boonan is at the top because he is very very cool Smile
[Image: 8qIOXca.jpg]
1rd) gin - best
[Image: cSmfz9P.png]
divey at bottom because when i met him he's got bad teeth and hairy
Frost is the best Fire
[Image: 0SSh1TN.png]
Floppy doppity
[Image: giphy.gif]
wtf joe decided to come back? this fucks up my entire list can you please leave again
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
Didn't demote xo3wardsxo, so all L humans
a pollux is a planet
tgn (ミዕᆽዕミ)

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