It is so hard to leave until you leave.

Hello, many of you know me as the designer child. If you desire anything for free, always do designs. It's because I wanted to develop my graphic design abilities and capabilities.


I joined in 2017 as a young 11-year-old. I could really enjoy myself because my old laptop can't handle much. Not complaining since it teaches me how to go online and search every nook for 40 fps on really low settings. That concludes my interest in game development. I couldn't find much information about gmod development that I could understand online, but I did find several tutorials, such as CODEBLUE, which is a very popular dev among them.However, I gave up. So I just wanted to be a part of the media team to acquire that blue pysgun hue. So I spend all of my time looking for a free website to design on. Pic money was quite simple to utilise for me. I created a couple designs and applied to the media team. I was refused three times. Thanks to Divey, it provides greater firepower if you get proficient enough on this field. I've spent my entire life in this industry, and now I work as a part-time graphic designer.


Not only am I leaving FL, but also every game. To be honest, games are too distracting to allow you to pursue your ambitions. So I decided to eliminate all distractions and concentrate just on what I was capable of achieving. Though it was a difficult decision, I am hopeful that it will result in a positive outcome in the future.


So first and foremost, I created some nice background designs for FL's trademark item. You may view it here. I designed innumerable signatures, posters, logos, and banners for FL people. Here are a few that I found:

Spoiler :
[Image: TglJDob.png]
[Image: mBqnJmm.png]
[Image: wS5L2y0.png]
[Image: jUcv1hb.png]
[Image: ska1N7H.png]


Spoiler :

[Image: tG0cHly.jpg]

[Image: Ju5eP3o.jpg]

[Image: sKK7dlK.jpg]

[Image: MKAImzS.jpg]

[Image: wovmNje.jpg]

[Image: 5WulpEX.jpg]

[Image: 0pG2qU3.jpg]

[Image: qa06Puu.jpg]

[Image: e49Raj8.jpg]

[Image: rWhqjzS.jpg]

[Image: b8fcxBE.jpg]

[Image: Gg9nGFc.jpg]

[Image: naUlnDF.jpg]

[Image: GUXCwVL.jpg]

[Image: nRs59dM.jpg]

[Image: 22yUGq6.jpg]

[Image: EmaNtTp.jpg]

[Image: A7G2WVw.jpg]

[Image: CN03dtf.jpg]

[Image: N4VSms2.jpg]

[Image: NPqpT6G.jpg]

[Image: KjogUzk.jpg]
[Image: ejx1pCj.jpg]

I hope you obtain all you need in 2023 and wish you all the best in life. If you have any graphic design requests, please contact me via Discord. Peace out!
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who are you?

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Take care, Max!
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It's been a pleasure. Thank you for your work, max!

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(12-10-2022, 02:45 PM)Dragnort_ Wrote: who are you?

People call me SolderInDuty in other hand
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Take care Max, honoured to still be your signature
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You are a great member! Always there when I needed you.
I am very appreciative of that.
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Visit my profile here.
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Thanks for everything you've done. It takes a lot to be able to sacrifice things in order to pursue a different form of goal, and I imagine many people around my age would've loved to do the same thing way back.

I only believe in your success from now on, and I see you doing an ABSOLUTE MADNESS within the next few years!
pls rep so i can be famous like soulripper
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