Community Update #5
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Community Update #5
28th October 2022

Hello everyone,

A few months can create a total change in environment, and unfortunately that has swept FL under the rug. I can only hold myself accountable for this, and for that I apologise for not getting more done sooner to remedy the situation. Unfortunately life has gotten ahead of me, and my career has become my primary focus.

We have decided to take a change in direction, steering towards the simpler times of FL in the days of old. I’d like to thank @’Arny’ and @”Doctor Internet” for the hard work that has been put into facilitating this. We are by no means done tweaking and reworking systems, but this provides us a good basis to build upon in the near future, with a more free flowing, fun environment.

  • The return of RP_EvoCity_V2D
  • Old FL Contraband System
  • One set of contraband stealable from one other player
  • Farming disabled - items refunded
  • Madcow weapons system
  • Old Kevlar system (50% damage reduction)
  • Arms Dealer (combination of Gun Dealer and BMD)
  • Realistic base materials no longer required

We will be taking down the server tonight, to re-open tomorrow, Saturday 29th October, at 5 P.M.. For the next week once the server is up, anyone who plays >5 hours will receive 7 days of Supporter+.


Consider giving me a rep point here.

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This is good - you will definitely see me floating around in the server
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Please submit your Slums doomforts for review to your nearest administrator

And enable those ambient HL2 sounds for extra nostalgia
~ Equinox ~
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Oh yes daddy
I almost punched my monitor from this update
(10-28-2022, 06:04 PM)aDisabledDeer Wrote: This is good - you will definitely see me floating around in the server
Brodie you ain't staff no more. Let it go  Sad
I support the decision to revert to the old systems, nostalgia is a big advantage up FL’s sleeve.

Would love to see Special Service Agents back and the old vehicles.

Keep it up guys, good work.
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It's quite weird how years have passed since I played FL and LL, then garrys mod, then games completely - but, I've always quickly had a scan to keep up to date. I may have to have a nostalgia trip on FL now its v2d, creating barricades in the office floor or labs and hearing that elevator full of bastard raiders approaching ?
Kind Regards,

Signature is too big. - Haarek
One final dictator and nexus raid lads?
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