I need your help with the situation
Because of the current situation i more and more think about leaving the server, i dont think it will be alive again we have no updates no infos and no players which has led me to thinking about letting it go, what do you guys think?

I also want to add that it is so difficult/emotional for me because i love the server, the memories, but especially the people i love this community and how we are all a big family it makes me sad to see it go.
Been here since 2009/2010, so letting go is difficult, but with the current dissapearance of Conn, management not really around besides working against the suggestions (as it's been for a while), I think there's not much left to do.

The only hope left is someone either take over from Conn and do a massive rework, or someone starts another "Fearless", hires the old staff, excludes the current, and watch it blossom.
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