Gamemode Revert Dynamic Economy
Title of Suggestion: Revert Dynamic Economy

Revert dynamic economy (market) update until the “V2” / “Delivery Update” is ready to release alongside it.

The current form of Dynamic Economy was always set to be incomplete until the next iteration of it which overhauled the delivery driver function was released. As this is seemingly not going to be released for the foreseeable future, we should revert Dyn Eco until it’s ready. The current Market is frustrating - simulated wait times for any items - and nothing (Aka decent guns!!) is ever in stock. This problem is mitigated by player activity to raise/lower stock levels, except we have very limited player activity on the server right now so it never happens.

Until either delivery update is ready or playerbase magically restored, I think the market should be reverted to how it was previously.
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Decent guns not being in stock is an intention decision we made, it isn't due to the system. I do agree that the system is missing something though and feels incomplete due to that, especially as the biggest issue seems to be the artificial waiting time.

Conn should be announcing what he wants to do next sometime soon which makes this irrelevant anyway, just wait on that.

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