Steam Name: novo

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:67538183

BanID: **********

Ban Reason

Staff Member: **********

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
Dear Fearless-RP Team,
after a long while playing on Fearless-RP in my childhood, I've just yet came to the conclusion to return back to garrys mod.
It has been an incredible long time since I've been playing on your servers, back in the days, inspired by BigMongoStyler.
I always loved playing on Fearless-RP as It was really stunning and outstanding, if you take other servers into consideration.

Fearless-RP was actually the first server to come into my mind to play on, when I just returned back to GMOD.
Sadly, I do remember, I've been banned on your servers back in the days. I have to admit, I do not remember anything about my ban. The only thing I can pretty much say is, I was young and dumb, but I guess you hear that often.

I'll provide you with details I do remember, so you could preferably tell me the reason I've had been banned for, so I can write a detailed unban apply. ( I could not find my ban on the ban page, probably to long ago or maybe I've gotten unbanned, but my forum account didnt)

This is the forum name that showed up when I've tried to use my Steam Account I've used back in the days:

This is the Steam account i've used to play with:

So that's basically it. I can just say, im very sorry for what happened back in the days and I'd be happy if you could grant me another chance as it's probably been 4 or 5 years ago.

Thanks for your time

yours sincerely,

I had a quick check, your steam ID should be in the following format: STEAM_0:0:67538183 instead of STEAM_1:0:67538183. I checked and couldn't find any active bans on your steam ID since there have been a couple of ban wipes in the past.

Are you able to join the server with your Steam account? The steam ID STEAM_0:0:67538183 is linked to the Dreamzy profile on the forums, which is still banned. If you can join the server then that's fine, we just need to look at your old forums account.
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Ok, it seems like my account had been unbanned.
But, has there ever been a server wipe? All the stuff I had back in the days seems to be completly gone.

Thank you
(09-07-2022, 01:30 PM)tropix Wrote: Ok, it seems like my account had been unbanned.
But, has there ever been a server wipe? All the stuff I had back in the days seems to be completly gone.

Thank you

There was an economy revamp a few months ago. Basically, inventory items (Except legacy items, such as BMW) were refunded at 60% of the market price. Also, your total cash was then "taxed" based on brackets. 

As for your old account, we've decided to approve the UBR and unban your account. I'll unban your original account, but I have to disable your new (The one you posted this with) account to avoid any issues with having two accounts. 

Just reply here so I know you've acknowledged it. I'll unban the account after that. Also, if you have any other issues with accounts or something else, just leave a message here.
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Sure man, thank you alot!

Dreamzy account will be unbanned. Welcome back to the community, make sure you check the rules.
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