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What's Schmackin Fellas
This may be a little bit overdue, but hello! 

I am Jason Halded ingame. I am 22 years old and am a huge fan of RP servers on GMOD.

I have around 80 hours as of writing this and I have only been playing for about a month or so. My net worth is up to $2.7mil at the moment. We stay grindin' at all times. 

In games like this, I've always liked to compile some data in order to be more efficient. I already have a fair bit of things written down and I plan on sharing everything in the guides section to help people out. 

I started the Ranevo Rippers organization. Our mission is to get rich and cause chaos. You'll never see one of us without a chainsaw, as it is our namesake.

Anyway, I hope to meet everyone ingame at some point. Gotta get that bread.
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pls rep so i can be famous like soulripper
Welcome to FL!

I hope you'll enjoy it here
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Welcome, enjoy your stay.
Welcome to FL

Welcome to FL!
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Welcome to FL, Mister.
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Thanks To MaxEvan For This Cute Signature Again!! 
welcome to FL!

2,7 million in 80 hours!
I think that says a lot about the FL's economy.
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Visit my profile here.
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