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Gamemode Revert OOC Colours Back to Team-Based
Title of Suggestion: Revert OOC Colours Back to Team-Based

Revert the choice of rank colours for names in OOC back to job colours.

I find the continuity we used to have between job colours on the scoreboard/VC/hovering over players and OOC much more visually appealing and understandable. When rebels and normal users appear the same colour (or similar comparisons) it is still, despite my best efforts to get used to it, very distracting. There is also no informative benefit to having rank colours being displayed in OOC, as the icons already serve that purpose perfectly. The one comment I received when discussing this with other users was "metagaming", which makes no logical sense as player's jobs are all listed in the scoreboard anyway.
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Rank colour makes more sense than jobs in OOC, as ranks can actually mean something in OOC. There's zero information benefit to having job names in OOC so I don't really get that argument. Most people are probably now used to the change anyway and it does give another benefit to supporter and such.
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+support, reason as stated by OP.
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You shouldn't need to know someone's job during an out of character conversation. While the rank icons exist, it helps identification faster.
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(07-02-2022, 05:38 PM)Pollux Wrote: -support

Rank colour makes more sense than jobs in OOC, as ranks can actually mean something in OOC.

I don't quite see the logic here. In all other OOC situations, the rank identifier is given by the appropriate icon. When looking at a player and seeing floating text, an inherently OOC feature, a player's rank icon is displayed next to their name in their representative job colour. The exact same is applied to the scoreboard, which again, is OOC and using information from it to make in-character decisions like all other OOC advantages would be considered metagaming. Having the OOC name colour not follow this pattern just removes all cohesion between the other parts of the gamemode where jobs/rank are displayed.
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I still sometimes look at the blue names and think they are cops.
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