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Community Update #3
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Community Update #3
29th June 


Dear Community,

To preface this update, I’d first like to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response to our most recent set of updates - it has been incredible to see a consistently full and active server over the past few days. This short term success is something that we must build upon, paving in longer term stability in the player count, and continuing to further both the gamemode and the community. This update will detail what we have planned for the near future, as well as informing of some general community updates and changes.

Doctor Internet to Management

We’re very glad to announce that Doctor Internet will be joining the management team; he will be continuing to manage backend infrastructure, whilst supporting myself and @’Pollux’ overseeing the development of the server. Doctor Internet is an extremely knowledgeable member of the team, who has assisted already with many of the business / HR aspects of both the company & community.

Livkx to Developer

We are also glad to announce that livkx has been promoted to developer, after working on multiple projects in the latest release cycle, such as the poker table, supporter changes, and HUD change. He has been an invaluable asset so far in the team, and we look forward to seeing what he brings in the future.

Update Plan

With the success of the economy update, we’ve taken some time to go through our list of suggestions, and we intend to prioritise a number of larger updates, developed alongside key changes to the gamemode. These updates will be worked on together, to be rolled out across the current development cycle.

With this in mind, we’d like to provide some insight into the prioritised updates due to be worked on during the next cycle of development:
  • HUD Improvements
    • The addition of a number of elements, such as salary, name and ID.
    • Conversion of speed to MPH for easier tracking whilst driving.
  • Implementation of legacy crown accessories
    • Enabling the items that players can wear if they are a legacy player.
  • Weapons Overhaul
    • Currently, we know the weapons aren’t in a great place, in a number of ways, from balance to models to sounds.
    • We’re currently looking into swapping to the ArcCW weapon base and doing a complete overhaul of how weapons work on Fearless.
    • We’ll be shifting towards a pistol-meta and will be increasing the time to kill. We want there to be more between life and death. We’ll be working with a few aggRPers in the community to make this as good as we possibly can, this is all still in very early stages. Overall, system will be more realistic and Tarkov is being used as an influence.
  • Metrics, Skills, Achievements (MESKA) - Core Framework
    • An XP and levelling system which can be integrated with many systems for improved recipes, perks, and better efficiency.
    • Base imported from Limelight
    • Framework for cooking, fishing, and many other systems we would like to implement in the future
  • Weed System
    • An improved system for growing weed, adding some quality of life upgrades such as the addition of UV lights
    • Base imported from Limelight
  • Backend Improvements
    • Refactoring network library
      • Making life easier for developers, whilst also laying the groundwork for improving network performance.
    • Migrations library
      • Another backend library, which makes life easier for developers, allowing them to make changes to the database, without having to go through a complex process.
    • Other ongoing optimisations…

We are going to test raising the player count to a maximum of 75, and compensating for the potential performance decrease by changing the tickrate to 16, down from 22. Currently, the server tickrate drops substantially with lots of players, and reducing this number will likely make the overall experience smoother for everyone on higher player counts. This is only a test, and thus we’ll be closely monitoring these changes and may revert them if we notice issues.

Bug Fixes

We are aware of some ongoing issues with crashing that are currently being investigated by the team, Some potential causes have been identified, and some hotfixes applied. The poker table is temporarily disabled, as there is a potential issue with this contributing towards crashes.

So far, we’ve also fixed a number of issues:
  • Fixed Holdem table crash.
  • VP /tax error.
  • Fixed !gag
  • Fixed a few missing functions.
  • Fixed police bike handling.
  • Rank optimisations.
  • Safety for arrest timers.
  • Removed duplicated HUD elements.
  • Fixed time formatting.
  • Fixed farming requirements not being shown in the menu.
  • Fixed cop cars not being removed on team change.
  • Removed a number of legacy donator checks.
  • Fixed dev/dev SA not being able to give proper ban lengths.

Community Meeting

We will be hosting a community meeting on Saturday 2nd July at 19:00 BST, allowing you to discuss any suggestions or issues that you have experienced, and allowing us a more open and conversational discussion.


We will be working on everything talked about here over the next month or so, looking to release projects as and when they are ready and tested, rather than in one single update (this makes it easier to test, bug fix, release and monitor). Going forward, the frequency of these community updates may be less (2 weeks to a month), and updates will be posted in the Updates section once released. This is not to drop communication, but to allow us to focus on getting these updates released, and you are welcome to contact us regarding any questions that you may have, on the forums, discord, or in game.

Consider giving me a rep point here.

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(Damn it Tonetta!!!)


And you guys are amazing. Please keep up the good work!
I will now take over Doc's role as dev who breaks main
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Interesting, good to see stuff constantly going on it makes a change good job hopefully it all goes to plan.
thanks divey
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I am probably going to be crucified for raising it - but are there any plans to change the map to something completely fresh? GMod maps in genral have left evocity and all its variants behind and you can how find more fun, bigger and better looking maps with a variety of different areas etc good for chases and whatever?

I also cant help but feel like if we are taking the "tarkov approach" a bit too much for a semi serious rp server in relation to gunplay, i mean if it works for the better im all for it but we still are forced to play without being able to go on roofs etc and have to get everything checked due to "headglithcing" which from my experience was always easily countered on LL where rooftops were allowed.
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