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What do you do in real life?
Currently in visual effect on my third year of college, so I study 3D Modelling and rendering. Previously from Nitec Product Design so I am able to apply all of the skills & knowledge I gain from my 2 year nitec course to my current course (Higher Nitec).

Using software like Blender which I have experience on and learning how to use photoshop, Maya & Adobe illustrator.
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Music Cheese
I feel like I'm Gucci Mane in 2006
Study Computer Science at uni and part time work at BP/M&S
Kind Regards,

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I'm a goat farmer.
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Thanks Flood <3
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I have Cat Farm.. Joke!!

Assistant Manager at Hotel and will get promote to Manager on 2nd May 2022.
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Thanks To MaxEvan For This Cute Signature Again!! 
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Still doing social media marketing stuff. Seems to have worked out well so far.
I'm the reason some of you eat. Thank me later.

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I jerk off to furry porn and fnaf lore
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(04-16-2022, 07:43 PM)DankNukem Wrote: I jerk off to furry porn and fnaf lore
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I'm a full time mechanical engineering student if i have spare time i help mybuncle run his metal recycling business
Planning on opening my own heavy machinery fabrication and repair work shop since here in my country we import most of this stuff qnd it complements my family's metal recycling business

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