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Forum Announcement: New application guidelines / Stuff you should know when applying
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Guidelines when applying for the Teacher role
Are you thinking of applying for Teacher, but don't know if you are the right person for the job? If so, this might help you!
Original guide by Tomo, edited and updated by: Jan, Avgar, The Siphon & Divey

Where do Teachers fit in the Fearless Community?
There is often debate about where Teachers belong in the community. The answer is, they are not staff but are still a part of the Fearless Team. Now, when I say "team" I am not referring to the Staff Team. There is, in fact, a wider range of people who all fit into the Fearless Team category, even if they are not staff. Take a look at this diagram which will hopefully clarify where Teachers belong in the grand scheme of things:

[Image: 05AFm54.png]

Credit to Coffee for creating the illustration image. 

What do we look for in a Teacher?
Teachers are a very important part of the Fearless Team, therefore we must be very careful about who we entrust the role to. 
Teachers are looked up to by the community and are meant to be role models, which is why we only promote certain candidates. 
There are five main points which myself and the other teachers look at when discussing a Teacher candidate. 
These are activity, attitude/maturity, knowledge, experience, passion and loyalty.

Activity - To be a Teacher, you must have a fair amount of activity on the servers and forums. We like Teachers to aim to gain a total of  15 hours per two weeks in-game, as well as checking the forums most days. The ideal style of activity would be a decent, consistent level of activity rather than an extreme level of grouped activity. For example, it is better to come on more regularly for moderate amounts of time than to have one week of no activity followed by one week of massive activity.
Attitude/maturity - A Teacher's attitude is a vital feature of their role. They should act in a helpful and friendly manner in all situations and with a reasonable degree of maturity. Teachers are expected to keep well within the server and forum rules, setting an example to the rest of the community. Teachers should always approach members of the community with an open mind and always be willing to assist them in whatever problem they may be facing.
Knowledge - By this, I am referring to a candidates knowledge of the CityRP rules, and their ability to answer questions regarding them. While it is okay to make mistakes every once in a while, we strongly recommend that a candidate is familiar with all of the rules and is comfortable adapting to situations in order to reply to other players' questions easily and efficiently. If you are not familiar with the rules then there is a high chance that you will not achieve in the Teacher position.
Experience - We like to ensure that Teachers are very experienced in the CityRP gamemode and in the Fearless Community. In general, the longer a person has played, the more experienced they will be. While exceptions can be made, we highly recommend candidates to gain at least 500 hours of in-game playtime. If you are a long-serving, experienced member of the community, you may be more likely to get the role of Teacher. However, of course exceptions can be made if the player is exceptional in the other three points.
Passion - A large part of what it means to be a Teacher is for members to have a passion for roleplay. They are ambassadors of roleplay and are meant to encourage others to roleplay by actively visiting players roleplays, showing people how to roleplay properly and also hosting mini-events to help keep our servers primary focus alive.
Loyalty - We are always looking for people that will be here for the long run, this means the longer you've been part of the community without leaving the more chance you have getting that shiny teacher position.
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Tips for your application
- Do not bump your application. I know it's there and bumping it will only make you look thirsty.
- Do not "sneakily" bump your application. By this I mean do not say things like "Hours Updated!" just to give your app a bump. You do not need to update your hours every time you gain a few extra hours, but if you do, you do not need to post telling us you have done so.
- Do not have arguments on your thread. If somebody says something about you that you do not agree with, talk to them about it privately. No need to fill up your thread with argument spam.
- Only request for your application to be closed if you do not plan on getting it reopened for some time. Telling me to close your application on Tuesday and then asking me on Friday to open it again is simply a waste of time.
- Be completely honest. If you have a few bans or perhaps a blacklist which you are ashamed of, please do not leave them out of the application. I will only find out myself anyway, so if you remain honest and include them, that will say good things about you as a person.
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The Conclusion Process
Once an application is made, the staff team will begin the discussion and voting period to express their opinions on the candidate. Checking their activity, reading their posts and observing them in-game are all things which we do to get a better idea of what the candidate is like. We will then conclude the application, informing the candidate if they have been accepted or declined. There is no set length of time that an application will be open for; some candidates require more discussion than others and will take more time.
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My application has been denied, is all hope lost?

There's a simple answer to that and that is no, there are quite a few reasons we deny teachers applications, here are the most common reasons:
  • You're not experienced enough;
  • You are too immature at the time of applying;
  • You're too new to the community or just recently returned;
  • You don't play enough/ are inactive;
  • You never help out players in need when they are in need of help.
    When your application has been denied, you may try your luck and re-apply for teacher again in 2 months time, however do take the constructive criticism into account that was posted on your thread upon denial and try to improve yourself, if you need more time then 2 months that is fine, as long as you have improved.

I hope this answers your questions and concerns.


Fearless Staff