Steam Name: SnowFlame

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:66027763

BlacklistID(s): 110679

Blacklist Reason
Stealing Vehicles in Public

Staff Member: Daniel

Involved users
A green Mini

Why should you be unblacklisted?
I apologize for my actions. I saw a green mini with a Shmicki License plate and I believed it to be Daniels, it was unlocked and he was running to go and save his plants from dying, so I thought I would drive his car and give him a lift to his crops to make the journey quicker. When I got there, I realised he had saved them and I drove round in one circle and was going to leave it with him. I know not to steal a car in public and tbh I think it was a little harsh to blacklist me, If I was "stealing" the vehicle, why would I drive it near an admin and flaunt me breaking the rules... I am sorry if you believed that I was stealing the vehicle which wasn't the case. Please see your way to removing my blacklist as I don't want this on my record. 

Kind Regards and much love,
Approved however next time don't get in an unlocked car without permission despite if he's your mate or not.

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