The whole staff issue
Well firstly i would like to say that this is not all the staff members but most of them

Lets start by how rude they are to us as a community and at me (the reason i stop playing this server)

Let's start with images
[Image: ioQ0bkT.png]

[Image: hWs7aLw.png]

Much more happened to me in game as violet once kick me for bitching

my other point is that the administration becomes against someone if only one team member hates that guy also happened to me and once been called that my country is a terrorist country

I Wish that edned divey and tomo try to make there team more professional not racist alots happened to me
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Developer & Administrator

[Image: raw]

(Thanks Chumps!)
So lets see shall we, you have two images one showing Ryan posting an image from mean girls and the other is someone justifying banned and then being called an asshole. What is exactly wrong here?

Also if you got kicked for bitching there's a high chance you were being annoying.
No staff member brainlessly starts hating someone because someone else said so they aren't apes, if most of the staff dislike someone there's a high change they are toxic themselves and deserve the hatred, it's just how human beings are regardless if this is a gmod community, a workplace, a school, etc.

If someone is genuinely being racist towards you and harassing you for it then feel free to record evidence and post in the report sections staff or not.
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Doesn't seem like a "whole staff issue" to me.
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ah yes, all the staff *two images*
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Yeh this is literally like some dictatorship wtf i showed my grandma this post and she said its nothing shed ever seen before and she survived the holocaust so
This is nothing lol
I had to deal with Soviethooves, Dayle and Dr Internet back at LL

If a staff called you a terrorist then do a AR. It takes a few abuse cases to get them demoted. Ryan's already been chopped off.
This is normal just not all the staff members are adults yet.
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Ah yes. Witch hunt. I hate the staff team!!!!!!

Post an AA if you have an issue with a staff member, or contact an SA.

Kind Regards,

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