The White House
Its My Birthday! 
Date: 03/14/2021
Time: 06:00 PM
Description: The White House Event
The White House

The Government Decided to move the Hearth of this Nation, The White House to San Ranevo, After the Construction finished in the last Couple of days, The President and his Cabinet are moving to San Ranevo and they are beginning to do their Daily duties in this Beautiful city. If You think u got what it takes to Serve this Beautiful nation of ours, Feel free to apply below.


President of the United States

Alex Smith (MrMaaze)

Vice President of the United States

Mike Pence (Abodigamer)

Chief of Staff

Max Jackson (SolderInDuty)

Head Press Secretary

Valken R. Wisci (Kurz)

Press Secretary

Daniel “Dank” Jackson (DankNukem)

Secretary of the Treasury

Luca Parmesano (Dabster)

Secretary of State

Dean Breuer (Piemaster)

Secretary of Defense
Victoria Juri Lina (RoCKy)

Secretary of Agriculture

John Doge (FireDoge)

Secretary of Commerce

James Owlsen (BLOP)

Secretary of Transportation

John Ritter (Self)

Secretary of Energy


Secretary of Education

Giuseppe Carfano (alann)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Mark Wallace (Ducktard)

Secretary of Homeland Security

Ghawsi Mosa (Str4ng3)

Secretary of Labor


Secretary of the Interior


Secretary of Health and Human Services/align]


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


--Secret Service--

Head Secret Service Agent

Martin H.F (Aly)

Secret Service Agent

Arthur Archer (Pooples)
Joseph Cullen (DCastiel)
Dylan Hunt (LimeLight)
Joey Elite (Slaint)
Leon Archer (Glowstick)
Mr.Bean (AegeanGR)

Trainee Secret Service Agent


Joining the Event
Everyone can Join the Event, You are Expected to follow the basic Server Rules. If you want to do a Role That is not listed here for Example Chef, Press or Anything else feel free to PM me on Discord, MrMaaze#2869

IC Name:
Criminal History:
Friends (Players you affiliated with):

Steam Name:
Discord Tag:
Are u a Donator?:

Event Details?
-Date/Time - 13/03/2021 17 O'Clock British Time as well as on the 14/03/2021 at the same time.
- Happening on Main at Grassy Field
-If you Minge you get Kicked out the Area of The White House.

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Looking great, can't wait to be there!
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FL Donator Slaint
Credits to White Wolf for the awesome Signature!
IC Name: John Ritter
Age: 49
Criminal History: None, but cautioned for jaywalking 23 years ago. He has never forgiven himself.
Description: A 49 year old male who has wasted spent his entire life learning about effective transportation protocols and ethics as well as how to mathematically model traffic jams and accidents. He has lived by the book his entire life. His interest began after he watched his parents die after being hit by a bicycle, which was traumatic. Despite his ‘very interesting’ life, he intends on modernising San Ranevo’s transport once and for all.
Friends (Players you affiliated with): RoCKy, SolderInDuty
Role: Secretary of Transport

Steam Name: Self
Discord Tag: Self#1776
Hours: 1300
Are u a Donator?: yes
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Thanks White Wolf for the signature!

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IC Name:Mike Pence
Criminal History: None
Description: A Republican with a lot of knowledge of the Us history likes to talk alot
Friends (Players you affiliated with):JT Solderinduty Slaint RocKy Conn Self Lewwings Arnskov Dabstar and lots
Role: Head Press Secretary I think this role will fit me very well as i like to speak a lot and im not shy at all

Steam Name:Abodigamer
Discord Tag: Abodigamer#7754
Hours: 567
Are u a Donator?: Ofcourse
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Uhm Abodigamer? Head Press secretary is already taken xD tho you can can be a normal one!
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IC Name: Daniel “Dank” Jackson
Age: 21
Criminal History: clean
Description: Tall
Friends (Players you affiliated with): Vantiago
Role: Press secretary

Steam Name: DankNuken
Discord Tag: DankNukem#5540
Hours: 1088
Are u a Donator?: yes
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To Everyone that applied or just Citizens, Join the Discord in the bottom of the first thread
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IC Name: Jacob Feeling
Age: 19
Criminal History: None, has been a good citizen all his life
Description: After going to law school he started of as a rookie police officer but got promoted and went to Secret service training after making a huge drug bust and now is a fully trained secret service agent fresh out from school.
Friends (Players you affiliated with): Have no friends Sad
Role: Secret Service Agent

Steam Name: ReaL
Discord Tag: ReaL#0002
Hours: 170
Are u a Donator?: Yes
IC Name: Alfred Chadwick
Age: 68
Criminal History: Lawyer Fraud
Description: An absolute chad, from a wealthy posh background. 
Friends (Players you affiliated with): Dr Joseph Costello (My sidekick)
Role: Secretary of Health and Human Services

Steam Name: Wilson
Discord Tag: Wilson#6370
Hours: 3655
Are u a Donator?: No but Alfred Chadwick doesn't need a suit because hes cool enough without one.
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