Gamemode Add Height and Weight to Character Menu
Title of Suggestion: Add Height and Weight to Character Menu

In the character menu, give the ability for the user to change the height and weight of their character. This could be done via a slider, or numerical values.

In practice, this would just scale up or scale down their character using existing functionality.

For example, the default for a male would be 6", 160 lbs, at a player model scale of 1. If the player increased their height to the next notch, 6"1, their player model would scale to 1.05x (or appropriate), and 5 lbs (or appropriate) would be added to their weight. Conversely, their high would be increased if they increased their weight.

This would mean that weight and height are related.

If you wanted to extend this, you could also include a dropdown where you can choose the body type, such as 'lean', 'average', 'muscular', 'overweight', which would add on or remove a fixed weight. Of course, this would just be a change to the numbers, rather than a player model change, unless anything could easily be done in this respect.

This information could appear when you hover over another player, or be automatically added to their description.

Min and max height for player models could be around 5"5 - 6"3 respectively.

Perhaps larger players could have a slight boost in hp, and smaller players a hp reduction, to account for any advantage in aggressive rp.

Enhances the variety of people you see on the server, and makes the world feel more alive. Also great for people who enjoy creating different characters.

Also, the ability to scale/descale is already in the GM, so I believe this could be a minimal change.
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This sounds like it would become pretty annoying in terms of aggRP balance, there also isn't any reason someone couldn't just put this into their description right now? I like the concept but I don't think two unique fields are needed for something that can already be achieved to pretty much the same effect.
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+Support for a unique field for the height/weight

-Support for it to change the model, as Pollux says, annoying in terms of AggRP balance.

I do like the specific field for them, as it saves the description for other things.
Interesting but doesn't add much of particular value to roleplay while creating issues of balance. Maybe with just the field but in that case, the description section should suffice. -Support.
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Too serious for FL ngl if you wanted any of that put it in your description
-support, just use description?

Whilst this would be beautiful, the amount of balancing issues would be a huge challenge on the team, and we don't feel as though we're ready to take that on.
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