Gamemode More love to Fishing/Mining
Title of Suggestion: More love to Fishing/Mining

These can for example provide other benefits to fishing for example, while wearing the fisherman outfit, you are more likely to get better fish, or have better chances to drop misc items.
The requirements for these items can be similar to the agriculture one. To wear/purchase the outfit, you need 500 fish caught. To be able to purchase the better fishing rod, you need 1000 fish caught + 300 hours of gametime. Note that these are only examples.

Another thing you can add to the fishing system is levels. You slowly level up your fishing as you catch fish and gain experience, and as you level up you get to claim rewards similar to the milestone system (rip btw).

Finally add so there is rare chance to catch miscellaneous. In real life all kind of shit gets tossed in the lake/ocean. Why not add a rare chance to get a crowbar or pistol upon fishing. This will add more value to the profession and maybe get more players to use it. The odds/rarity can be adjusted/combined with the "fish caught" system or level system.

Same here as fishing, it would be nice show some more love to mining as players don't enjoy it as much now.
Players could have new clothes/hats for mining that will have better chances to give you ores and maybe even chances for extra rewards upon smelting it.
You can do the same here as with agriculture, milestones for ores smelted/ores mined and have options to buy better stuff. Maybe even add the level system I suggested for fishing.

I feel like this would greatly enhance the roleplay experience within these roles as I personally never enjoy doing them as much because you do it on autopilot. Adding some of these systems will hopefully make players enjoy it a lot more and have stuff to grind for, for example the mining/fishing milestone, the rewards and levels for example. I can almost promise you that more players will RP as fishermen and miners if just a few of these suggestions gets added.

Also since we are deleting milestones in general because it's not a good fit for new players, having profession milestones like amount fish caught or levels, that unluck new gear within the profession will hopefully be more newbie friendly and enjoyable.
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Great fucking idea. The farming system has something like this so the question is why should fishing and mining be left out?
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Huge +Support

I've been asking ages for this
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Mining is already planned to get a rework.
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+Support for fishing!!
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