[MINI-EVENT] Evoside Mall
Its My Birthday! 
Date: 01/14/2022
Time: 7:00 PM
Banner: https://i.imgur.com/8ycB3Qp.png
Description: A promising new mall is opening, seeking to boost retail in the town. Will you seize the opportunity and set up shop?
[Image: 8ycB3Qp.png]
In a town with a dying retail industry, a savvy entrepreneur has filled the gap by developing a mall in the top street megastore! Will you seize the opportunity and set up shop?

Mall Details

Stores - 3 stores on the ground floor, 3 upstairs. 1 large space upstairs for a food court and some space on the ground floor for promotional stalls. Arrangements for new store spaces can be made on the top floor.

Advertisement Spaces - Advertisement billboard space on the side of the mall, space for flyers inside. Prices are generally cheap and on a case by case basis.

Services - Bathrooms cleaned twice a day, ATMs and an elevator. Customer service bench to the left of the stairs, professional security team.

Images of Interior - The mall will be updated each time it appears in the city and so images are subject to change.
Spoiler :
[Image: dECNn0I.jpg][Image: v5itr5c.jpg][Image: cZ6C2JS.jpg][Image: zd6oONP.jpg][Image: Kp8xfTL.jpg]
[Image: KcSKtuf.jpg]
[Image: cZ6C2JS.jpg]

OOC Details
This mini-event can be re-run many times, the next opening is:
Friday 14th January, 7PM GMT

Mall Roles
We are hiring! If you wish to participate in one of these roles, message Luminess or me on discord, or leave a post below.

Security (1/2) - Will protect the property of the mall and quell anti-social behaviour
- [FL] TheSiphon
General Mall Staff (0/2) - Will work as customer service agents and keep the mall clean.

Commercial Roles
Available Stores - Store C, Store D, Store E, Store F, Food Court.
Reserved Stores - Store A | Police Driver, Store B | Jessixa

Building of stores will begin on the main server 1 hour before the event.
If you wish to build a store in advance, message me on the forums or on discord [Self#1776]
If you wish to set up a store at the event, you should reserve a space using the following template:

Store Name:
Store Type: (Ex. Clothing Store)
Store Location: (Refer to the floor plan below)

Floor Plan

Spoiler :
Ground Floor
[Image: 3eWsSBo.png]
Floor 1
[Image: WTbwnRs.png]

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Store Name: PETSMART
Store Type: Pet Shop
Store Location: Store B
[Image: 1619639714462.png]
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Store Name: Domino’s Pizza
Store Type: Food (Pizza)
Store Location: Store A
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Store Name: Stars Casino & Lounge
Store Type: Gambling Establishment & Restaurant
Store Location: Store D
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RIP the Fallen Obvwevwe-Otide and his brother, they died fighting for their squatters rights
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Moved to old events, thank you for hosting a fun roleplay!

Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!

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