The Morello Family
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The Morello Family is a defensive crime family founded by John Morello and a group of ex Alessi members; John ‘Mega’ Morello, Jim ‘Banner’ Morello, Dan Morello, Ash Morello, Jack Morello, Hugo Morello and Randy ‘Marsh’ Morello. They are a close knit group who have a strong bond and are extremely loyal, they always have each other's backs. Sticking together like a family should.
The Morello’s all came together after they departed from Alessi on good terms, with the goal of doing something different, they all came together with the vision of building their criminal empire, consisting of drug trade, illegal weapon trade and sales of stolen military and medical equipment, with various money laundering businesses to mask the illegal earnings.
The Morello family own multiple businesses within EvoCity including but not limited to; Randy’s Bar, Morello’s Butchery, Jim’s Gym, Ash’s Therapy, MegaGanja, Tegridy Farms and the Chez John restaurant all used to mask their criminal identities and operations. They operate without attracting attention from the government and are very smart with the running of their illegal operations.
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[Image: MorelloFamilyTree.jpg?width=400&height=300]
OOC Goals

- Help to create creative and fun PassiveRP’s for the community.

- Create more in-depth RP for people who like to take part in GovernmentRP allowing them to investigate our criminal operations doing things like stakeouts, tailing our business vehicles etc…..

- Give everyone the chance to partake in some fun RP’s enhancing their experience within FL and improving their RP skills.

- Give other players both new and old some motivation to come up with some fun RP’s of their own.

- To just generally have fun make new friends and make the community a good environment to be in helping out new players along the way.
Our Members and ranks
John Morello
Jim 'Banner' Morello
Ash Morello
Randy 'Marsh' Morello
Dan Morello
Hugo Morello
Jack Morello
Jorge 'S' Morello
Trial Members
Pablo Cortez Morello
Kai Morello
Retired/Morello Hall of fame
John 'Mega' Morello
[Image: group_no_guns.png?width=400&height=298]
We look forward to seeing you all in the city! 

With special thanks to Coded Wolf for creating our family logo!
[Image: 2021-11-03_03-04-23.png?width=212&height=300]

We are also proud to announce that we have our first official Alliance with the Pink Panther Cartel!
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Looks promising! I wish you the best of luck!
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Looks great, already seen them kicking on the server.

Good luck with everything!
~ Equinox ~
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I'm so proud & honoured to be the leader/boss of this great family!!
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Great to be apart of something amazing like this very proud
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I like what I see.

Good luck, peeps.
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Amazing! Good luck boys Smile
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what the fuck happened to alessi after i left
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Is it just me or is that man holding the revolver extremely sexy
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