Explain a Film Plot Badly
Police detective goes John Wick on terrorist organisation to impress his wife.

Die Hard
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100 year old vampire gets 19 year old teenager pregnant.

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A girl gets her baby kidnapped by Bowie in spandex, forcing her to wander through Jim Henson's mansion.

The Labyrinth
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Murdering lumberjack gets a job on an island and spills his beans

The Lighthouse
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Teenager takes senile friend's car and tries to drive it back home whilst avoiding sex with his own mother.

Back to the Future
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Man breaks door.

The Shining.
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A professor with a whip flies across the desert in a fridge.

Indiana Jones
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Rich Girl let's poor boy freeze to death.

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Hot MILF gets bent over and shown who’s boss

Your mums sex tape
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(11-01-2021, 09:15 PM)Lewwings Wrote: Mr Anderson becomes Computer Jesus with cool special effects, martial arts, and flying whilst fighting an angry anti-virus turned virus in a suit and sunglasses.

The Matrix Trilogy.

It said explain it badly, not just explain the plot  Tear
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