Steam Name: fetyy

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:240237739

BanID: 85120

Ban Reason
Discrimination | Take a break | Last chance

Staff Member: dan

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Why should you be unbanned?
first of all there was never Discrimination you i never sad the n word that time or somthing like that thas Discrimination 
secd of all you guys say i need a break but you guys always  wachting le and no one els

mean of Discrimination means treating a person unfairly because of who they are or because they possess certain characteristics. If you have been treated differently from other people only because of who you are or because you possess certain characteristics, you may have been discriminated against

you guys cleary dont know what  discriminatio means you guys are agaisnt me  you guys try  to find reson to ban me that rasim

before you say i dint put time in to it if i dint put time in dis then it was not dis long so make your head up before you say somthing
Hello Fetty,

Thank you for this Unban request; you know why you were banned also there is video evidence to back it up once again, please put some effort into this unban request and tell me why it should be shortened or removed.
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i cant realy edit it  because i try 2 time ohter versions didnt save so i wile start here

(so  you tp  to me and sad)  fetty what are you doing?
( then i anser on you ) i am doing nothing
(you sad)  yes you are doing nothing
 i am asking my self  why did i get ban when the admin (dan, daniel) sad i was doing nothing
then i hear from ohter players  that they have seen a video where i was break the rule acoring  to them but keep in mind daniel sad i was doing nothing i start thing why did  people get a videao of me doing somthing wrong acoring o the players that have seen it but the guy who get band dont get a video  aks your self dis  people can see a vdeo where you are  doing somthing wrong according  from them  but the guy  who gets band   dosnt get the videa that sounf for me  littel bit racist  btw i am a human  human cant  know everthing 100% so dont get mad at me and your saying i dont put efford in to unban apleas   but i time  10 time more then you and as i know  admins schoud show how things works ( times the same  when you works  some where the boss   need to show you how thing  work he needs  to bee  not perfect  but  try to be perfect)  what in dis case dint  happen 

and i wil ask you dis can i see the video 

or is it already gone? wich in the case of video being gone  there is o proof of me doing  somthing wrong and to contine you on my apeal 

i dint say and  rasist words  yes i sad  somtging like f word  but  its  was  mabay near teh f word but no same meaning and as  i know there is no rules agaisnt  the f word and if so my bad   and btw people say  bad thing in the word like the n word i get it what tha band but what i sad i dint get can you please explain to me why its a bad word 

and btw i you like   i can write long    if you thing dis si   no efford have been put it just keep in my  youer  aswellSmile
Unban Request #85120/Fetty

Hello fetty,

Thank you for posting this UBR

After reviewing this UBR I have chosen to leave the ban in place, take this ban as a opportunity to take a break and read over the rules.
Quote:but the guy who get band dont get a video
This is because we don't need to show the video to the banned player.

Quote:(so  you tp  to me and sad)  fetty what are you doing?

( then i anser on you ) i am doing nothing
(you sad)  yes you are doing nothing
I will also remind you that lying in the courthouse can be heavly punished.

Conclusion: UBR Denied.

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