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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79245098

BanID: 83684

Ban Reason
Use of excessive violence (Should know better)

Staff Member: Klusmos, Steven8ken

Involved users
Not sure (I never had a proper sit with the individuals involved)

Why should you be unbanned?
I was received multiple radio calls of armed men inside of a black bentley who had just killed an officer and were headed to the lake from villas. I had spikes up at nightingale but I was prepared to shoot anyway as they had just killed a police officer. They were going fairly fast towards me and I noticed, as they got closer, that they were still armed. The fact they just killed someone (from my knowledge which can be checked via text radio), were still armed and were coming close to me fast was why I decided to open fire on their vehicle as I believed my life was in immediate danger and other officers.

Now, I am also at the moment playing on a netbook which does hinder some of the benefits of FPS and such but I did believe that honestly, they were close to me at the point of shooting. I do not want that to be the focus of my UBR and that is just something I wish for everyone to keep in mind.

Secondly to all of this is the way the situation was handled. I believe that one of the people killed talked to steven for some time about it while I was still on the scene calling ERU etc. That same person came back to the scene of the accident after just being killed and demanded I gave their guns back so I called admins to let them know someone was breaking NLR. Steven responded but to let me know he wanted to speak with me rather than the NLR, I reminded him that someone was breaking NLR by returning and he said that he would talk with the player (don't remember specifically which player was the one who broke NLR)
Anyway, I explained why I shot at the car and steven had no problem with my explanation (pretty much what I said above as a reason to kill) and let me get on my way.

20 minutes or so later I was brought to a sit for 30 seconds with a different person to the one that broke NLR (don't know name) but this time it was with Klusmos who asked me why I shot at the car (or to that effect) and I responded that the issue had been dealt with by Steven and so I was swiftly returned.

A little while later, Klusmos brought me to a sit on our own and immediatley let me know I had used "excessive force" as a police officer and would be banned for 2 days "because as a veteran I should know better". I tried to explain myself but was banned before I could even explain to Klusmos what happened.
I wasn't given a chance to give any context or any extra information from my perspective in a proper sit.

Not only do I believe that I didn't break the rules but that the punishment is excessive and the way this was conducted was very poor.
Posting on behalf of Connor Ryder:
After seeing his perspective which I was unaware of I don't think that he was unjustified in shooting us in our car. It was frustrating for me but I understand why it happened and I think that it was strange the way that we were individually talked to and not in a regular sit.
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(10-28-2020, 11:09 PM)superarek5 Wrote: I wouldn't trust Cygnus. I was driving my car in the city to repair my car and I almost ran him over, his police friend was trying to bait for arrests and arrested me, Cygnus also started punching. And I've also seen them together a lot so it's not a mistake they did it on purpose. (I did not know how to report at the time so I couldn't)

So how is this related to reply I'm posting on someone elses behalf? And I don't have any friends who've been playing as police recently.
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Hello Clash,

First of all, thank you for posting this UBR. I would like to apologise if you felt the situation wasn't handled as professional as you'd expect.

Although I still personally believe that a punishment was justified, I think maybe a 2-day ban is slightly severe. Unfortunately, the evidence submitted to myself has since been deleted by the player. On top of this fact, the player that reported yourself for RDM has decided to take back his report due to him not understanding the situation. The only recommendation I have for yourself is to maybe be a little bit more careful when handling these situations, as you setting up a roadblock may give the user an interpretation that you are trying to stop the vehicle, whereas if your original intentions were to open fire anyway, I don't believe a roadblock was necessary but it's your personal preference I guess.

Thanks again for posting this UBR and I'm therefore happy for this to be approved.

Steven8ken Smile
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UBR Approved.
Reasons given above. The punishment will be removed from record now, Welcome back!
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