[FL:RP] Slaint
Reported User(s): [FL:RP] Slaint

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:245587480

Date & Time (GMT): 3/10/20 @ 15:53 GMT

Summary of the incident
Slaint killed me through a wall without a reason!

I was in the middle of a raid and got shot through a wall so i was shooting back to defend myself, You shouldnt have been there when its was a raid in accordation to FearRP

3.4 You must follow FearRP by acting afraid of threatening situations that affect your own or accomplices' lives.

No rules where broken, i was defending myself by shooting back through the wall i was getting shot from.
[Image: Screenshot_182.png]
Fearless Member Slaint
I need to see the full video or can't approve it
[Image: jbsNLis.jpg]

i don't know why its lagging this much ._.
That isnt the full raid, i was getting shot through the wall even before that.
[Image: Screenshot_182.png]
Fearless Member Slaint
Going to Denied, this PR as Slaint was getting shot from your side of the wall also going recommend don't place props in the middle of a raid

Just side note not sure what trying to hide in the video but if breaking the rules in it don't post it

[Image: jbsNLis.jpg]

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