Gamemode Bit Mining
+support but make it special, not just the motor/fuel shit and a rack, make it advanced.
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+support a really good addon glad someone has suggested it
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I used some of those bit miners in darkrp. I made about a mil in about 4 hours. Made me feel like some kind of computer hacker or something cool like that lol. The bit-miners would need tweaking to make them slower. I also think we should keep the old printers and labs as well. Have like a bitminer class so they can't use printers, labs and bit miners.
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(06-28-2020, 02:53 PM)Molyneux481 Wrote: Title of Suggestion: Bit Mining

Additional money making idea

I understand this costs money but its not expensive at all. However, there will be some kind of similar version on the workshop for free. 

This is a great new way of making money. Its more of a modern approach and gives you things to do while making the dollar. For example, you need to keep getting cooling trays to make sure it doesn't over heat. The ways of making money at the moment are outdated and boring. This should bring a fresh look when it comes to making money.

Fuck it use the server resources to bit mine while your at it.
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