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Eoin Radio Application
Steam Name: [FL:T] Eoin
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:82222666
Discord Tag: Eoin #5393
Age: 17

Do you have a good quality microphone? Yes
What microphone do you have? Blue Snowball

Computer Specifications (Including Internet Speeds)
Intel Core 13-700 3.90GHz. 16 GB Ram 1TB HardDrive Geforce GTX 1030.[Image: Ba1K1rz.png]

Do you have any previous experience as a DJ?
Yes, I was a DJ on the server when It was revamped by Arny Earlier in the year. 
 Yes big Yum Yum Time 
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Hello there,

Thank you for your application.

We are currently reviewing your application, this can take up to 7 days.

Kind Regards,
Peter White
Fearless Teacher

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Hello, Eoin.

I would like to inform you that your DJ application has been approved.

Closing Notes:
Application was deemed sufficient, required points were met.
I would like to invite you to a test radio stream. I'm sure you understand the software we use and we will use it as the final decider for your application.

Also, please join the discord:

Consider giving me a rep point here.

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