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Evocity Roadworks RP
[Image: PIJJCJr.png]

The Connectivity road has had it's one side  closed for repairs.
The water pipes underneath the road  have been there for many years and it was time to be replaced.
EvoCity Roadworks has sent two of their finest on the job and it has been going  perfectly well for them.
The old pipes were dug up and taken out, the new pipes  have been placed in and the road has bene rebild.
Two Chauffeurs have been bringing materials, electric pole and wires for this side of the road.
Communication has went flawlessly whie traffic has been guided by the police.

I can say that I was  very pleased with how everything has went
and that we were able to work together without much stress.

[Image: hnolU73.png]

EvoCity Roadworks - Worker: [FL:RP] Mr.Flaminator
EvoCity Roadworks - Worker: [FL:RP] Hostage

Chauffeur: [FL] Soulripper
Chauffeur: [FL:RP] Jan

Two Policemen helping with traffic:
[FL] Joe Joe
Ryan Stealth

[Image: OqmmJa1.png]
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It was a great RP to do. We will continue this RP in the future. Evocity has allot of places that needs new pipes or a new road. You might see us more then once.

[Image: NkvEySV.png]

From pipes, roads, walkways, to electric wires. We'll do them all Smile
Was a lot of fun guys!
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Finally some proof that Evocity's tax money is being spent wisely!
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