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[Unofficial] SLYFI
The defenses shall remain a mystery!!!
[Image: UE8GhmX.png]
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[Image: H4MvWtu.png]

I will mention all the people who have worked at the event on the event page of
Falcon's Festival.
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These will appear on the bilboards in the city.

[Image: S4pMxi8.png]
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(OOC) Currently most of the people have gone inactive, but we hope on an active future. Smile
Together we can make it happen.
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[Image: VuoUTwv.png]

With the new map, our buildings will be redone.

Nexus defense,
Recruitment center
Easy-to-place-anywhere defensive structures.
Like  blockades, walls and doors that  can be adjusted into any building.

[Image: aVCE38W.png]

Untested build for now.
This is a defense made to keep invaders out of the nexus.
The Lobby has been fortified, the center hall and the garage are both closed up.
Access by keypads.
My next building will be focused on Anti moletoves and breaching. If you use a keypad cracker you will be inside quicker,
if you can manage to fight off the guards.

(OOC) To be honest, I grew tired of people who use moletoves and breaches. That is why I'll do anything to annoy them if they wish to enter my builds

[Image: dTMwD0n.png]
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SLYFI City Hall
[Image: VuoUTwv.png]
[Image: jQ77JFd.png]

The City Hall will be one of the new buildings that will serve as a defensive HQ.
Clients can be safe there as they are  protected by our Agents and Field Operatives.
The building provides anything a base needs.
We hope to test it someday with actual raiders.
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[Image: QUDNEiQ.png]

In hard times of inactivity, we have demoted a few of our members and said our farewells to another member.

They will need to prove themselves if they wish to regain their spot within our organisation.
In order to grow, you have to make decisions and these have been made.
In the meantime we are open to new people who wish to join our organisation.

Lucas Andrew
SLYFI - Director
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