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Your Name: Slaint

Accused Staff Member: Redpanda

Involved users

Date & Time (GMT): Today @ 6:35 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
So I was just replying to the goodbye thread(will link soon) and redpanda has warned me for spam? Why would he do this? I have no idea

Evidence - how is this considered spam?

[Image: IMG_20191125_231304_521.JPG]
Hi Slaint,

You were warned as you keep putting a single video with no text on many goodbye threads. It was reported to us as spam and you were warned.

See the forum rules as basis for my actions:
“1d.) Replies with only one smiley or anything like this are not allowed and will lead to a warning.”

Also, there is another rule which you could’ve followed rather than posting an AA:
“ 6c.) If you do not agree with a forum warning issued, please dispute it with the administrator that issued it within 24 hours.”
Kind Regards,
Fearless Administrator

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Hi Slaint,

First of all, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I can see where you are coming from, however as RedPanda has pointed out this is a violation of the forums rules and therefore your warning will remain and there has been no abuse noted.

Many thanks
Divey & Tomo
Supervising Administrators
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