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Reported User(s): MonkeyDustFTW

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:419707422

Date & Time (GMT): 7/11/19 @ 23:42 GMT

Summary of the incident
You can hear him say "turbo into that car", knowing there were multiple people asking me to fix their cars (as I was already doing in the video), so he could take the job(s), when I was injured / killed. 
You can clearly see him taking over right away for me. FailRP at it's finest.

I Am confused so this is a PR on me for saying Turbo Your car?

If you can provide the name and steamID of the driver it would be more fitting than the person who told them to do it. Whether someone tells someone to do it or not, it wasn’t Monkey who ran you over here.

If you wish to follow this up, do as I’ve suggested above.
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Fearless Administrator

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