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Steam Name: sinarv

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:71370062

BanID: 82536

Ban Reason
RDM as Citizen

Staff Member: Jonas x Ranger

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
I had forgotten to change my job bc I had just gone out from AFK and someone was running inside the base and I tried putting him under fearRP by telling him to stop moving before he got in the car. he still got in the car and tried backing up, he reversed his car and in my eyes he tried escaping so I fired one warning shot if I remember right and ran up to his car and repeated that he needed to stop but he drove forward getting close to hitting me with his car so i killed him. i repeated myself multiple times and even though it all went really quick and maybe he didn't intend to escape, for me it looked like it as he did not stop moving. fair enough for forgetting to change my job, I know I made a mistake there but i dont think this was RDM and jonas said he banned me for RDM and the forgetting to change job was only cherry on top. therefore I would like to be unbanned / shortened since I found it to be unfair. ive spoken to Jonas and I appreciate that he further explained to me. he also said I should post if unfair but he will not be supporting it as he's convinced it's RDM and I respect that. 

most of the times im aware that I've broken rules but other than forgetting to change job I really can't agree that it's RDM
Here's the video of the situation.

I didn't see his first /y, but I did notice his second /y and stopped accelerating my car. He proceeded to continue shooting me after I stopped my car, giving me a very very small window to comply, especially when you consider that he was using text chat and he was at no risk of losing sight of me.
Thank you for your time! If you have any questions or require further explaination please message me on the forums, or for a quicker response add me on steam here:
clearly you can see it looks like he's trying to escape and gets almost back on the road but I fired a warning shot so he stopped. but when I ran up to the car and repeated he just drove really fast forward. he was an armed man and if I hadn't gunned him down I'm sure he drove forward so he could jump out and have a gunfight with me. i see this as breaking fearRP twice
You were a citizen that killed someone for entering what you said was your "base", making it RDM. The door was full blown open and I myself also could've easily mistaken that for maybe just a passiveRP or alike. If it was your home or whatever you should've called the police instead as violence should've been your last option as per rule 3.1a.

I don't really support an unban, and I know you understand and all that so I will just let it remain a small reply and leave it to the concluding administrator.

P.S. Ranger only stated out the ban, he didn't see nor witness the situation. :-)
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i didnt kill him for entering, i was going to hostage him but in my eyes he tried to escape even after I've fired the warning shot. why did he drive that rapildy forward when I got up to the car? the only explanation he's given is he didn't see my /y which isn't my problem? i tried twice to make him stop and he didn't. mistaken for passiv rp, so you just run into someone's base/house for no reason when he's right outside? violence was the last option since he tried the reverse and escape but stopped and he kept playing cat and mouse by driving forward a long way.

PS. Yeah I put his name because his name is on my ban?
Hey man,

I am going to leave this as a final response so this can be dealt with ASAP instead of a major discussion here. You pulled out a gun to attempt to hostage him you say... You were a "Citizen" which in that case makes it RDM to kill him. You simply cannot be pulling out guns etc. as a Citizen. I understand you said that you tried violence as the last option, but all in all your job title is preventing any of that to be valid. If you were an "Insurgent" let's say, this could've been valid because of the fact that he 1. entered your base, and 2. didn't regard your first warning shot. I understand this must be frustrating and people make mistakes. I do aswell. It's only human, but you gotta learn from this and that I believe you have after our talk.

In regards to the thing with ranger was just that I wanted to enlighten he didn't have to comment on here for the concluding administrator :-)

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You were conducting criminal activity as a Citizen which is not allowed. Please ensure your job name is set correctly when returning from AFK.

Kind Regards,
Developer x Supervising Administrator

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