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"Starting LUA"
I have literally spent 2 years trying to problem solve. Different PC's; uninstall; removing addons; messing with launch options. last time i was able to play was 2015. please help. It crashes after downloading the griim models, or gets past that and crashes at starting LUA.
Starting Lua is pretty much the new term for Sending Client Info.
For me it sometimes either times out or crashes the first time I try to connect, it generally works the second though. Does it crash all the time no matter how many times you try again? Is it always at starting LUA and only on FL servers?

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Try downloading the content from the website instead of directly from the server.
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Try uninstalling all of your gmod addons, and only subcribe to the content on the forums also make sure you got css installed.

If i helped you, a +rep would be nice.

Anyways i hope this fixes your problem.
It could either be your computer or something you have changed. Try this link:

This is a very good source and will help I'm sure. If it doesn't work and you are absolutely dying to play gmod. It might not be a bad idea to back up your PC, and re install windows. If I were you and I couldn't play, I would just wipe my computer clean and reinstall steam, then gmod.

If you do that, it's bound to work as I would see why it wouldn't.     (If you do this method. BACK UP YOUR PC. Can't stress this enough)
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Probably a shit suggestion, but maybe disable downloading addons in the options? Big Grin
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Has this been resolved? You have 24 hours or this will be moved.
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