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Reported User(s): Arny

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:56400266

Date & Time (GMT): 21/4/19 @ 20:00 GMT

Summary of the incident
Heard some calls on the radio about a red four by four speeding being perused etc. When I got to the area only John was in the car and Method was about to go pursue him on foot. Shortly after he then disconnects, I don't know if there was any reason for this but Method was certain he knew he was being perused since he ran as soon as he stopped him so he left to avoid an arrest/rp situation. Not to get his car back like I say in the video.


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Hello, Fry.

First of all, he tells me to get out, no fear rp initiated as he is still in his car, and no gun. So I get out of my car and bolt all the way to Outer BP, no one is chasing me, I stay there for around 2 minutes before I DC.

[Image: b0d79d915de7c3a5f606e4268888375b.png]

Start of the video is when the pursuit first initiates and when he stops me. The second video is me waiting, no one to be seen pursuing me, so I disconnect to join the build server.

I also see that in the video, you cut it to make the time look really short, when in reality, it is not.

May I ask why you have decided to cut your video? (around 30 seconds in)

EDIT: Kippsee already dealt with the situation in game, and I showed him the evidence on Discord and I presume he thought it was fine as I got no punishment.
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The cut I made was just 25 seconds of me driving to the hospital, I didn't make the cut to make the time look really short I cut it because it had no relevance to the PR.

As you can see in the video when I get there we have a look around and then I start to put an arrest warrant on you to move your vehicle and track you down. If you're going to initiate a chase but then disconnect after 2 minutes then what is the point in starting the chase in the first place, we were obviously not just going to forget about you.

I spoke with Kippsee after and he told me to post a PR since only super admins could deal with cases like these so I'm not sure what he told you.
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I was 'on scene' when this investigation took place, when I viewed both videos I made it clear to both parties that I can't deal with this situation however only direct you where to post it if you felt like a rule was broken.

This is the only comment I am going to make, as it is up to both Tomo and Sparx on what happens next.

Thank you.
I see nothing wrong with what Arny did, it was clear he got away without being seen and therefore had every right to disconnect when he did (as judged by the counter evidence he has provided).

Considering Arny is not part of the Administrator team, any Administrator can deal with the case (the after effects, if any, are dealt with by an SA)

Kind Regards,
Developer x Supervising Administrator

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