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A small amount of props
Small amount of custom props

[Image: McjHpf7.png]

Hello all, I have made a new content pack with custom models made by myself. This only 1/3 of the pack but I wanted to get them out asap. These are several small models that can be used in different types of role-play. For example, there is now a truss and proper stage speaker that will be great in events when a proper stage is needed. I have added a proper speed bump (model is small as wanted it so it was easier to resize) so now you have to worry about making your own. I have also made some other small props that will make sense once my next update is out. 

Spoiler :
[Image: download-8.png]

Find in q menu?
Go to addons > Model BETA

Models errors?
Download the model pack here:

Want to request some props to be added?
Head over to this thread:

Aektek - Making models/ extracting into GMOD
[Image: mZh9BKs.png]
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[Image: HxeKXJs.png]
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Good work!!
[Image: brHdXi6.png]
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They are absolutely fucking lush. Very Nice!
Joe Joe
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[Image: hlDszEi.png]
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quite yummy

Fearless Moderator

[Image: tYKyA9qw_o.png]

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the fact that the prop says fearlessrp is ruining my immersion
[Image: XFGcqta.gif]
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Good work!

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Hecking epic dude!
[Image: bbe.png]
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Nice little addition!

Keep up the good work Smile
[Image: W94NL7B.jpg]
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