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Forgee and Joe Joe
Your Name: Jan

Accused Staff Member: Forgee and Joe Joe

Involved users

Date & Time (GMT): / @ / GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power,Infringement of the rules

Explanation and Evidence
In the time Forgee and Joe Joe were "veterans" all they did was try to take the piss at me by changing their Steam names to make fun of my irl profession. Now they have returned and Forgee still continues his idiotic and pathetic behaviour most of us have come to know him for.

See the following screenshots: 

[Image: 5xeUVZw.png] <- editing his Steam avatar to imply that I apparently work at Ikea (even though I don't lmao)? His description obviously has been made to take the piss at me.

[Image: V4udBBo.png] <- his names in his short time he was gone from FL and only focussed on taking the piss even more.

[Image: y9HFrlC.png] <- Same goes for Joe joe, in his short time he was gone all he did was take the piss aswell, even telling me in a private Discord conversation he was happy that their Steam names were "getting to me".

They even have a dupe called Camorro carpets they used to use purely to harras me and possibly one of my friends.

How come two administrators that are known to be two of the most biased, bad decision making admins and now personal harrasment get to return and one of them even continuing? They are supposed to be an example and their job as staff is to protect community members, not personally harras them.

Sort your stuff out staff that voted for their return.
[Image: Michael_Corleone_SIG_2.jpg]
Too add to this they have a dupe on the server. "camorro carpets" or something. It is located at blue warehouse, just adds to this i dont have no screenshots or anything but you can easily go into their dupe folder and grab it and see for yourself.

This in my opinion adds to the harassment and is a disgrace, they of all people should know better but just shows who they truly are underneath the persona they put on to gain the staff position.

This adds to this abuse case, as it just adds to their harassment of Jan. So technically i am involved as I've witnessed a form of harassment towards Jan.

[Image: PywvXUS.gif]
Hi Jan,

Thanks for bringing your concerns about my profile name to my attention and I'm sorry if this little harmless joke offended you. However during my time as a Veteran I am permitted to have my steam profile as I please, which is not a direct abuse of my power nor is it harassment to any degree. The usage of my steam profile is to my own digression and therefore I ensured upon my return to the community has had no direct impact on my ability to administrate. Even though I understand how you feel about the situation however once again this is not a violation of my power, however I thank you for bringing this to my concern.

Joe Joe
Joe Joe
Fearless Administrator

[Image: hlDszEi.png]
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You know just like me you're supposed to set an example, Steam names matter aswell.

you are not sorry and it is not a little "harmless joke" as you have even told me in a private discord conversation I shall now publish you're glad it is getting to me:

[Image: pvqhR9Z.png]

How do you explain the usage of a dupe called "Camorro carpets" which was on FL and yet another attempt to personally harras me?
[Image: Michael_Corleone_SIG_2.jpg]
To this day Forgee still proudly displays his (awfully built) Camorro carpets dupe on his Steam profile in the form of a screenshot showcase. Obviously with the intend to harrass me and other members, why otherwise would you use the Camorro name knowing you’ve never been Camorro member and never will be one?

I would like to ask the SA’s (and possibly admins) that will review this case if this kind of behaviour is okay? If it is and if this childish behaviour goes unpunished it should be expected members will do the exact same to these type of trial admins in the future.

That being said I look forward to the closing notes.
[Image: Michael_Corleone_SIG_2.jpg]
I forgot to add that Joe Joe's and Forgee's main activity while they were not admins for 1,5 months or so was harrassing me both in public and in private, usually this would lead to his veteran status being taken away from him, not lead to a promotion again:

[Image: qCsUiqp.png]
^ Purely getting in contact to harrass and annoy me, I obviously had no wish to speak with someone like him, I still don't unless it leads to his demotion from both trial admin and veteran (which seems like a just punishment for this disqusting behaviour).
[Image: Michael_Corleone_SIG_2.jpg]
As I've witnessed this, I am going to back up Jan's message.

Harassment under the the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 is when someone behaves in a way which makes you feel distressed, humiliated or threatened. It could be someone you know, like a neighbour or people from you local area or it could be a stranger - for example, someone on the bus.

Examples of harassment include:

- unwanted phone calls, letters, emails or visits
- abuse and bullying online

Lets break down these points, the messages from Joe Joe for example when he was a veteran would have led to him being stripped of the veteran rank by any reasonable person. Thus, damaging his chances for TA massively as his reputation on the servers would have been dampened. Furthermore, the messages are unwanted, Jan is by any means far from friends with these two so why do they need to keep in touch? Joe Joe and Forgee are clearly obsessed and in love with the fact them two get a buzz over slandering Jan. Which is good, it shows who they really are in the real world.

This then links to the second point this is pretty much constant. So this satisfies the bullying part. They haven't done it just once; they have done it multiple times. Then what they're both doing towards Jan is abusive because they're speaking to Jan in a "insulting and offensive way".

With all this said above, like Jan said their vet tags would have been revoked, this inst how a veteran behaves. Especially not a TA.

They can talk about how they only have done it as a veteran. However, they were both TA and they were still placing down the dupe which mocks Jan. So, still they are carrying it on. They haven't dropped it. So them being veteran or TA obviously doesn't change their opinion on it all. They are both still being childish and vile with their on going grudge with Jan.

Jan has also took offence to the repeated abusive behaviour from the two and I would be disgusted if nothing happens coming from someone elses point of view deeming it not offensive enough, because they are not in Jans position so how would you know?

The behaviour is unprofessional and disgusting and from people who are supposed to be setting an example, towards the current players on the server and the new players who join.

I would also like to add when they used to be staff I didn't notice any of this behaviour. However, when they were veteran they started it, obviously not caring anymore, but then they were able to play a week or two on the server and get staff.

They aren't what a staff member should be, they weren't what a veteran should have been and are now certainly not what any TA should be. I just wonder why they were able to wiggle their way back into the team. Whoever, let it happen needs to ask them self questions, if this is what the staff team is now and how they want to be represented, times have changed obviously.

[Image: PywvXUS.gif]
No need to quote the harassment act. I don't deem any of what they have done to be serious "harassment". They are poking fun, yes, but no more than many other people do to each other. Admittedly, this is not an ideal way in which a Veteran might act, and now that they are back in the team, this behaviour is not something we would allow them to continue from this point on, if they were even still doing it. This is certainly nothing worthy of any punishment, although, they will be strongly advised against continuing their jokes towards yourself and your clan.

I'm confident that they will gladly accept this and there should be no more potential problems.

Case closed.
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