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[$250,000 PRIZE] EvoCity Song Contest 2019
Characters Name: Dave Phillips
Gender: Non-binary
Place of Residence: Evocity
Reason for applying: Mad voice mad lyrics

Steam Name: nev
Hours on FL: lots
Characters Name: Brittney Storm
Gender: F
Place of Residence: Backstreet Apartment , Evocity 
Past Experience: Being the host on Project Runway and other competition event
What are you known for: Hosting competition show such as Project Runway & Sing your heart out competition , with my own production called Moonlite Production

Steam Name: Jessixa
Hours on FL: 1819
Number of RPP's: 16
                                                                   [Image: IMG-20190327-210248.jpg]
Characters Name: Tuakanaiti Wehipeihana (Tooka-nay-ee-tee Y-hee-pie-hana)
Gender: M
Place of Residence: Lake house 4
Past Experience: I used to be a model when I worked in New Zealand
What are you known for: Well i'm Māori so growing up I used to be a Māori model in Auckland, I also used to sing at community centres for young Māori boys and girls

Steam Name: [FL:RP] Grizzly
Hours on FL: 508+
Number of RPP's: 4 (as of time of application)
[Image: 29ery28.png]
Characters Name: Nick Er
Gender: Male
Place of Residence: Villa house #1
Reason for applying: I am an expert singer, family members were also contestants on Miss Evocity.

Steam Name:[FL:RP] Ghost
Number of RPP's: 19
Hours on FL: like 2450
[Image: f8f0ed93936736f2ae4c735f1edc05ed.png]
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Characters Name: Kaziaoh
Gender: Male
Place of Residence: homeless
Reason for applying: mad bars, lets get this bread

Steam Name: razz
Hours on FL: 1.4k
[Image: iWer8gx.jpg]
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