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Joseph 'Vantiago' Deacon
A lot of effort has been put into this, that's nice to see Joe Joe
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I agree a lot of work has bin put into this and I looks really good.
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Wow a lot of effort has been put into this. Well done Joe Joe!
Kind Regards,

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Was boring but still good job! Really detailed, I rate this!
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UPDATE[Image: Ie1cXKO.png]
Some updates have been made to the page in which are as follows (Changes are in bold):

Order of the British Empire
During the autumn period of 2019 Joseph spent most of his time on vacation in London, England which resulted in the public decrease of his companies presence. However during his time in his home country he received a great honour in which many British citizens aim for; an investiture into the 'Order of the British Empire'. During this ordeal Joseph was invited to Buckingham Palace to be presented with a CBE for his contributions to media and business. This ordeal being a highlight in Josephs career would not also grant him one of the most prestigious awards from the royal family but also instating him as a Sir for his efforts.
NET Worth

This value would however continue to drop as the company failed to produce any new media produce throughout the year and by the end of the year Joseph had lost $25 Million taking him down to a still extremely high value of $235 Million.

Throughout numerous hits in 2019 Josephs net worth would decrease massively and by October 2019 his networth had decrease by $45 Million. This was due to a number of factors including economic loss within the Tops Casino as well as lack of media produce by Vantiago Incorporated as well as the empty studio in which failed to get any use.
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Joe Joe
Fearless Administrator

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we all know you're not worth more than $20million, joseph fucking deacon
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