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[Image: uGzzYRF.png]

Hello Everyone!

Time for another update, this time adding some new props to add to all your dupes. It includes props such as a pizza oven, kebab stand, modern home appliances, tools and machinery as well as much more.
Spoiler :

[Image: uXFUNZj.jpg]
[Image: qDIZYVU.jpg]
[Image: duiWG6t.jpg]
[Image: bnK3Tj4.jpg]
[Image: PDeumFK.jpg]
[Image: ilngnKX.jpg]
[Image: 9YuRQGN.jpg]
[Image: WuKkKR8.jpg]
[Image: MYifyBc.jpg]
[Image: HkOSKWc.jpg]
[Image: n1z7h5z.jpg]
[Image: yvjMPR7.jpg]
[Image: GLq965g.jpg]
[Image: WRjmqTp.jpg]
[Image: gv465Mp.jpg]
[Image: RPLVE8z.jpg]
[Image: jVIoQTc.jpg]
[Image: vXPvdey.jpg]
[Image: VSlNLMm.jpg]

This is the first part of a two part release of props so more will come soon.

[Image: BtOm8uc.png]

The content for this new update can be found through the workshop link below;


[Image: nwvas5W.png]

Coffee - Extracting & Selecting models
Sparx  - Funding the update and providing motivation
Loiste Interactive - Creating the amazing game the models are from

Update will be live once the server restarts. Enjoy!
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[Image: HxeKXJs.png]
Ah yes, for any lab to look scientific and nerdy, add a periodic table of the elements  Cool

Great additions, nice work!
[Image: mEVbpdN.png]
Thanks to Envy for the signature.
Nice, these props have a large variety of RP uses.

Kindest Regards
[Image: iPxMFQl.png?2]
Breaking Bad RP

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQL9F1_LjmeXS7Aej8A-KS...KdGOC1hXXg]
Wow cool, maybe it would be more possible for me to do my Science Facility RP or something
[Image: coolshibe2.png]
Literally I'm having a scientific nerdgasm. This is going to enhance so many of mine and others rps
Joe Joe
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[Image: hlDszEi.png]
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I've always wanted these kinds of props that can be applied to various RPs, hopefully, we'll see more in the future.
[Image: DxLVliJ.png]

Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!
Ah yes, this makes me significantly moist.
[Image: KL3qjvw.png]
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What game are these ported from?
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