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[Unofficial] Lionscrest Incorporated
[Image: lionscrest4.png]

Lionscrest Incorporated

On the 18th of September 1945, not long after the end of the war, Lionscrest Incorporated was founded by the merging of several companies into one. The deriving companies consisted of Stark Industries, Liander Foods and Helix Research. Lionscrest Incorporated was founded on the principles of reliability, ethicalness, and efficiency in its practices and services.

As the tenth largest international conglomerate in the 2016 fiscal year, Lionscrest continues to achieve excellence across a wide range of industry sectors and markets, employing ca. 225,000 people in 180 countries. As of 2016, Lionscrest Incorporated has reached an average annual income of over $95 Billion. Unlike similar companies, Lionscrest is not solely focused on making a profit - the company was born out of a desire to leave a legacy, and progress humanity. A company with a heart. Lionscrest remains independent, and has no intention of going onto the stock market.

In 2018 ACE Industries and Lionscrest Incorporated management teams came together in talks regarding a merger, this merger would then create the single largest global consortium to date. In these talks ACE Industries and Lionscrest Incorporated combined all their fields and assets to become a single monopoly controlling the worldwide market and develop upon a common goal.

Lionscrest Incorporated specializes in fields of militarization, natural resources, pharmaceuticals, armament manufacturing and high profile human development. With an aim to always provide a unique synergy and vast resource capability to provide custom designed solutions, the footprint of Lionscrest and project experience covers the entire globe with headquarters and regional offices located on each continent. Being on the cutting edge of broader resource development, Lionscrest aims to deliver and always meet the rigorous demands of the industry.

Lionscrest Peacekeeping and Security
"Si vis pacem, para bellum"

Lionscrest Security is a security and private military services company, which has recently expanded into the United States of America to assist in restoring order to troublesome regions, and eliminate terrorist threats, alongside providing private security services. The security branch of Lionscrest was founded in 1995, but remained fairly small until 2003. Lionscrest Security was founded by war veterans who served in the Gulf War who found that the modern soldier is ill-equipped and trained. Besides providing security services and peacekeeping, it is also responsible for assisting the humanitarian aid branch with securing supplies, distribution, and construction. While most modern contractors are just focused on making a profit Lionscrest Security aims to uphold a standard on quality, efficiency and integrity above all else. Lionscrest operatives have faced insurgents, terrorist, and pro-communist separatist all across the globe with operatives boasting superb training, equipment, and combat experience. Lionscrest operatives have logged more combat time in more theaters than any other contractor - employing more than 17,000 operatives to ensure your freedom remains unscathed. Lionscrest Security works closely with other subsidiaries, and branches of Lionscrest to ensure success.

Peacekeeping operations are carried out to prevent or neutralize threats to peace and security through joint enforcement actions. Peacekeeping operations are a distinctly effective tool used by Lionscrest to assist private and government contractors in navigating difficult situations, leading to the best possible outcome. Security and peace-building services are provided to both government and civilian entities who request our assistance. One of Lionscrest Security’s main directive is to ensure that basic human rights remain unviolated.

Lionscrest Security provided training services to both law-enforcement and military personnel, offering a process which intends to establish and improve the capabilities of military and government personnel in their respective roles. To achieve this, those being trained are drilled, physically, and mentally, covering a wide array of core principles, code of conduct, rules of engagement, formations, weapon discipline, and first aid. The use and application of neuroscientific persona and human modificational matters makeup potential of a true, modern-day super-soldier.

Lionscrest Aid
“non sibi, sed omnibus”

Based around international humanitarian principles, Lionscrest provides need-based humanitarian assistance to people afflicted by man-made or natural disasters. Aid is channeled without bias to the affected populations, regardless of their race, ethnic group, religion, gender, age, nationality, or political affiliation. Lionscrest has been providing humanitarian aid since 1996 in over 100 countries; its assistance has reached over 15 million people a year. Relief is provided in all major crisis zones through the world; this included Syria, Yemen, and South Sudan.

Lionscrest works alongside United Nations agencies, international organisations and non-governmental organisations. Humanitarian aid covers intervention areas such as food & nutrition, shelter, health care, water & sanitation and education in emergencies. A large network of Lionscrest humanitarian experts in over 40 countries worldwide enable close monitoring of crisis situations and relief operations.  Lionscrest Aid employs the aid of the Security branch to assist in the securing of disaster sites in troubled regions, and construction of basic infrastructure. 

In addition to responding to emergency situations, Lionscrest also allocates around 20% of the annual humanitarian budget to disaster risk reduction activities in countries most prone to disasters. This work aims to reinforce the resilience of local communities by better preparing them to face emergencies.

Lionscrest has gradually stepped up its support to provide education in emergencies which is a hugely under-funded sector. Lionscrest funded projects on education and psycho-social assistance to overcome war traumas made it possible to help more than 7 million children in 30 countries since 2011.

Lionscrest Aid would not be able to operate as it does currently, and assist those in need without its broad network of volunteers across a wide array of sectors. 

Lionscrest Pharmaceutical

A subsidiary formed in 1945 following the bankruptcy of a pharmaceutical company which had been contracted by Lionscrest for a period of time. Following bankruptcy the company was met with a takeover and was integrated, becoming a Lionscrest subdivision. After extensive reorganization and an increased international orientation, the once meager and deteriorating company resources have seen met with growth into a colossal entity within Lionscrest in a finite amount of time with the aid of a small group of talented individuals with expertise in the sector. The division has since advanced its interests in recent years into a number of new, previously unexplored areas such as Research & Development, Hazardous Material Removal, while continuing to thrive in more conventional areas such as Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and similar. 

It is a fully integrated, professional pharmaceutical and neuro-technical, scientific and surgical development division. Lionscrest Pharmaceuticals designs and initiates upon electronic, mechanical and human factor engineering, electro-mechanical and neuroscientific progression. Working closely with other subdivisions to ensure the products and capabilities rise to previously unseen levels and heights.

Lionscrest Pharmaceuticals continues to provide education and training to a large amount of medical personnel, ranging from hospital workers to combat life savers. Working closely with other Lionscrest divisions, comprising of Lionscrest Chemical, Manufacturing and Logistics, the groups all strive to cooperate in the effort to develop and produce new medical vaccines and medicines for treatment of various diseases.
In order to remain at peak capability, Lionscrest Pharmaceuticals collaborates and merges resources with the top scientist and individuals around the world, using state of the art facilities that have been meticulously placed in numerous major capitals around the globe including Beijing, France, Moscow and 6 others, which remain undisclosed.

Lionscrest Pharmaceuticals’ rapid growth has been attested to the immense resources left at its complete disposal. Dr. Brandon Welks is the current Director charged with overseeing the subsidiary’s operations and decision making.

Lionscrest Chemical 

During 1945, following the founding of Lionscrest Incorporated and the merge of the establishing companies, the formation of Lionscrest Chemical was tasked to Xavier Lakes to fulfill the immense demand for chemical merchandises left in the wake of the Second World War. The subsidiary has based itself in production sites in multiple locations over every continent; producing all manner of products that comprise of Dyes, Plastics, Gases, Acids, Pesticides, Sodas and much more. Concern for ecological effects takes place as one of the top priorities, putting ethical, safety and environmental concerns above all else.

The wide array of goods produced has given way to the subsidiarity netting an annual profit of $4.06 Billion at the end of 2016 and is expected to continue increasing. Between 1995 and 2009, the subsidiary invested more than $2.6 Billion in Asia, for example in sites near Shanghai, China and Mangalore in an effort to increase manufacturing and profit capabilities which has been an incredible success, along with a further $4.3 Billion in investments expected to be implemented between 2016 and 2020. The subsidiary has been managed by Director Wahl Sing Chow since 2002, but the division has for the most part stayed out of the public eye.

Lionscrest Biotech

Lionscrest Biotech was founded in order to explore the possibility of developing new and never before seen applications in the biotechnological field. The founding was attributed to the late Dr. Herbert Moreau in 1992, who was charged with the formation and management of the subsidiary. Early projects included collaborations with the US Department of Energy and the National Institute of Health on the Human Genome Project which ended up taking several years less than initial forecasts estimated, on account of assistance from Lionscrest. Upon completion of the project in April 2003, opportunities to begin and join with other Government and privately funded projects were requested in the masses. At the turn of the Century, the discussion of Biotech’s ethical concerns had risen to a hot button topic with public controversy. In turn, Lionscrest vowed in 2003 to continue to operate the subsidiary in an ethical and humane manner, while also initializing the bold business decision to increase transparency for all future projects and ventures.

Lionscrest Biotech utilizes advanced systems and techniques in order to further study regions of biological organisms and processes in various industries in order to advance understanding about the science of life and to explore the potential to enhance the properties and value of materials and organisms such as pharmaceuticals, crops, livestock, and textile goods. Lionscrest Biotech has made great strides and discoveries in pharmaceutical agents, biofuels, genetic experimentation and other industrially useful goods, receiving in excess of $2.1 Billion per year in patent rights alone, bringing yearly gross revenue to an estimated $3.7 Billion in total.

Lionscrest Foods

Lionscrest Foods is a subsidiary of Lionscrest Incorporated with its headquarters based in downtown London. The firm mainly consists of the remains of Liander foods, but since the merge it has continued to grow and excel. Lionscrest Foods runs a number of  livestock, wheat, and dairy farms across several European countries, and in the Breadbasket regions of the United States. Lionscrest Foods focuses on providing high-quality and affordable products, training food-industry workers and future chefs. Lionscrest Foods donates any leftovers to local charities and food shelters, and produces care packages for Lionscrest Aid. Milton Liander is the current director in charge of Lionscrest Foods.

Lionscrest Manufacturing 

The subsidiary was merged with the manufacturing giant, RobCo industries, which was founded on June 25th 1975 by industrialist and inventor, Robert Homes. RobCo industries was best known for its extensive influence and resources within the manufacturing and robotics industry, dominating most market areas at the time. Following the recession in the 1980s, the unemployment crisis was inevitable, leaving their factories to be understaffed and producing low quantities of sub-par quality goods. In 1983, Lionscrest Incorporated reached out to make an offer to take the company as a subsidiary. The following year Mr. Homes accepted this agreement, being appointed as the Director and visionary of the newly founded subsidiary, which he remained until his death in 1989.  

This agreement has since proven to be unfathomably successful, with the subsidiary transpiring itself into an economic blast furnace, now manufacturing goods that range from electrical components to robotics and beyond. Though profits from this branch have been fruitful, they are minuscule in comparison to revenues gained from investments placed in the steel industry, netting a further $5.7 billion alone, likely to rival industry giants such as US Steel within the next decade.

Lionscrest Arms

Manufacturing weaponry for both civilian and government usage, Lionscrest Arms ensures that the weapons they create do not end up in the wrong hands. Established in 1997, it remained a small subsidiary until its expansion into the American market.  Lionscrest arms is a growing subsidiary that was originally focused on ammunition production, weapon maintenance and re-distribution, but it has expanded into manufacturing and research of new and improved weaponry, military technology, and law enforcement equipment. Lionscrest Arms works with several private and government consultants to tailor to their needs.

Inevitably becoming a global influence in the private sectors of high-caliber, mass destructive and vehicular weaponry and militarized artillery. Lionscrest Arms also focuses on a professional grade of several classes of vehicular manufacturing, maritime solutions and works alongside the aerospace division. The aesthetically evolving operational matters are all applied, manufactured and created through Lionscrest Arms, posing an excessively high value to the company.

Developments through this branch provided our military as well as civil needs. All advancing through new technological proceeds. Efficient equipment to make the modern-day life easier for both combatants and civilians is within the main goal and heart of Lionscrest Incorporated on a whole.

Lionscrest Aerospace 

Focused on manufacturing and researching new in-orbit and out of orbit flight technologies, Lionscrest Aerospace is a growing subsidiary.  Established in 2001, Lionscrest Aerospace is new to the market, and has been working on a cheaper and more reliable fighter to compete with F-22-Raptor, alongside several commercial charter planes. Ever since the rough start of this subsidiary, it has expanded significantly, and established itself in this particular sector of the market. Gaining several Government contracts after the tremendous cost of the F-22 program in 2011, Lionscrest Aerospace was able to secure several private airports and manufacturing plants from other companies alongside a government contract. The motto of Lionscrest Aerospace is “Look beyond the horizon” which is reflected in the ever improving  technology and research into evolving in-orbit and space flight. Aerospace makes up a reasonable amount of Lionscrest annual income, and is one of its fastest growing sectors. Unlike most of Lionscrest Subsidiaries, Aerospace was not established in the European Union, instead it was formed in the United States, where the demand for a reliable, and revolutionary Aerospace Company was high. Lionscrest Aerospace has recently began to train, and recruit new pilots for a wide array of tasks.

Lionscrest Structure

Lionscrest Incorporated has had immense growth. Providing services, products, and care, to millions across the globe. This feat could not have been accomplished without a proper structure. The chairman and vice-chairman sit at the top of the company, overseeing all other sectors. They also overlook the directors below them. Each sector has a director, specialized in that field. 

With jobs all across the globe Lionscrest Incorporated is a unique company which has brought together a powerful and dedicated group of individuals who all share the company's goals, and morals.

Looking for an internship?
Available internship opportunities will be listed under the sectors offering intern positions.

OOC: This thread is a work in progress. Credits to Daley and Co for assisting me with the writeup etc.

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Security and Peacekeeping application:

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General Employee Application:

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