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Gamemode Add Paysafe to Donations.
Soulripper is in desperate need of more free money

Kind Regards,

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my friend keeps annoying me that he still didn't get his donation so yes please +support
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Signed, Mr.Ranger
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(12-06-2018, 03:37 PM)CodedBrain Wrote: For any other payment service you would need a bank and whatnot. Paypal only requires an e-mail address. Paying with paypal is rather easy though. You can make a free account, and adding money to your account is supported by multiple services.

i know but i takes 2 days to transfer...
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I understand that PayPal isn't always an option for a lot of users so if we could add Paysafe it would be great. If not it's a shame!
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Don't need it myself, but when I was younger it was the only way for me to purchase shit online.
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(12-06-2018, 06:32 AM)TheSiphon Wrote: It would be really nice, but I think I made a suggestion/discussion for this years ago. There used to be a good reason why it was PayPal only but can't remember it.

Though no clue how hard it is for a single individual to set up a pay safe card option.
possibly because it can’t be taxed but not sure , moreover fearless is registered as a charity for some reason? 

idk what a pay safe card is
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