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[Unverified] Evocity Police Department
(10-10-2018, 05:31 PM)Coffee Wrote: Full Name: Steve Borgs
(10-10-2018, 05:56 PM)JohnJong Wrote: Full Name: Mr o0FeR

Congratulations all, you have been accepted onto the force and been put to the appropriate ranks. Below are fine details regarding your position, however for full details feel free to head to the roster, found under our main post.

Quick note for all, I have also updated the badge ID's to match the rank and department
Spoiler: New ID's
101-199 (Chief)
201-299 (Captain)
301-310 (Lieutenant (SWAT))
311-320 (Lieutenant (Investigations))
321-330 (Lieutenant (Public Relations))
331-399 (Lieutenant (Other))
401-415 (Seargeant (SWAT))
416-330 (Sergeant (Investigations))
431-445 (Sergeant (Public Relations))
446-499 (Sergeant (Other))
501-520 (Officer (SWAT))
521-540 (Officer (Investigations))
541-560 (Officer (Public Relations))

Finally, there is a new DISCORD! Feel free to join (We advise all members of the ECTongueD join for instant notifications on training sessions and roleplays.
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Greetings all,
I am here announcing the arrival of two new people to our force alongside a small promotion to help with the recruitment of officers. Please welcome one of our new training officers: @"Pufitee". We are sure he is going to do a brilliant job with many training sessions already planned for our officers as well as an open day, involving the whole team, allowing an opportunity for more new candidates to prove themselves as well as our current officers.
Next, please welcome our new Captain @"MrFinnConlon"! He has proven in the past that he is a brilliant leader and with all the required skills we feel his offer to the position was a required one.
Finally, please congratulate Officer 502 (@"Frost") of our S.W.A.T team in his promotion to sergeant, now officer 402.

Thank you again for the continued support in the creation of the official department.
Spoiler: Discord

When you get the chance please ensure you join the Discord
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(10-11-2018, 06:39 PM)Pufitee Wrote: hello

Let me know if you need any help with any features of the group based on realism
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Steam name: [FL:RP] Weezy
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:63414623
Hours on FL: 800+
RPP: 0

Full Name: Eddy Mumford

Date of Birth: 18-08-1983

Address: London, United-Kingdom

Background: Army, Security Detail, Half Dutch, half British

Why you wish to join EC:PD: well I've served for a while and got honourably discharged, but I cannot get enough of the rush to catch bad guys and serve justice.

What are your qualities and weaknesses: I can serve correctly, detect danger but I'm shit at high-speed chases

What are department you likely to specialize in: S.W.A.T. or Police relations

Additional information: I've light PTSD
Kind regards,

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