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Introducing FLAMS
[Image: FCAPS_logo.png]


Introducing the Fearless Anti-Minge System, a solution to mass rule-breakage.

The Fearless Anti-Minge System (abbreviated as "FLAMS") is a new system aimed to prevent mass rule-breakage and alert staff of all instances of it occurring. It's primary goal is prevention rather than punishment, in fact the system doesn't hand out any typical "punishments" at all. Despite this, it is still effective at preventing mass disruption to roleplay even if there are no staff members online.

How does it work?

 The system constantly monitors in-game behavior of all players on the server. It has multiple tools at its disposal and will attempt to prevent and alert staff in all instances of rule breakage. Some of the things FLAMS will detect and prevent are Prop-Pushing, Prop-Killing, Prop-Spamming, CDM, RDM, Teamkilling and more.

So what exactly does it do?

It has multiple ways of preventing and effectively stopping mass rule breakage without having to resort to bans or blacklists. It has been integrated with our Discord server and will automatically alert staff and keep them updated with any suspicious activity ongoing on the server. It will also attempt to prevent things like prop-killing by no-colliding props and team-killing by assigning "cooldowns". These cooldowns can be described as temporary blacklists which are not logged publicly, but are applied to prevent further disruptive rule-breakage until a staff member can see to the situation. It is designed as "last defence" against mass rule breakers when no staff are on and to assist staff when they are. It will always attempt to teach players by providing helpful notifications and alerts when it detects rule breakage instead of resorting to more advanced methods.

Players do not have to do anything apart from simply roleplay as they would, the system requires no player or staff input and is fully autonomous, as such it can function even with no staff on.

Things you should know

All users under 100 hours will be subject to slightly more restrictive variations of the prop related functions in this system. We understand that not everybody under 100 hours is a prop abuser, but the majority of prop abusers would fall into that hours bracket. We feel that this is a minor inconvenience to those good players for the benefit of reducing prop abuse by stopping those few people who are there to ruin it for everyone. You can still unfreeze the prop normally once it is spawned in and collisions will be enabled upon placing the prop down.

Updates to the system

This new system will be constantly monitored and updated by the Development Team. As the system gains trust and gets better at detecting things, more systems may be added. The system is designed to minimise the risk of false-positives, Staff and Developers (temporarily) will have the ability to reverse anything the system does in case of a false positive or bug.


@"Pollux" - Creation and Testing
Bot10 - Testing and dying around 100 times (for science)
@"Arny" - Testing and Helping
@"Coffee" - Graphics
@"Tomo"/The Staff Team/The Development Team - Input to discussion of ideas for the system and testing

Fearless Contributor

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Just a word of warning.

Do not try to test the boundaries of this new system. You will get punished accordingly for any rule breaking that you do. 

"I was just testing the system" is not an acceptable excuse.
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Nice, this should help the server with the mingery, atleast reduce it until an admin comes on.
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vv nice.
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Very Nice
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Very cool system!
Fearless Contributor

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I don't like this, removes the whole openness and semi-serious roleplay in my opinion. Also makes out that you don't trust the players, don't care if it only catches people that break rules.

The whole prop thing is dumb, turning more into DarkRP mate.

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Excellent preventative measure to ensure that rulebreakages can be held back until dealt with by the Administrative team. Great work!
Joe Joe
Fearless Administrator

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Have I helped you out? Rep me >Here<
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oof v.nice
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I really like to see that the development side makes more official effort into preventing rule breakage at this moment. Very nice but I don’t think it will sort out the main problem which is lack of active staff members. I’ll maybe try to be more on the server, but not until I can go online and count on staff ... Overall, good job @"Pollux" !

We might had our discussions, but I respect that you stand on yours! That’s pretty impressive as not all do. Keep up the work bud.
Zona | Fred 'Los' Torp
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