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Clan Basics [Updated : 31/05/18]
[Image: Mqu1FfkiTMialasmD7XlicIovKb0c_PxJb4XHTlh...VKLZNkHcA_]


A Clan acts as a group of people who which follow a certain path aligned to their character and clan backstory. Clans are the aggressive alternative to a group and involve the premise of using violations and other means to succeed in their goal. Just because Clans are the ‘Aggressive’ alternative to groups it does not mean that there should be no Roleplay behind it. Roleplay is key to fleshing out a clan and making it appealing to the players. After being a Clan for some time there is a possibility a Clan could become ‘Official’ this is where the Clan receives its own area of the Sub-Forums to further plan its Clans actions. When creating a ‘Clan’ thread you must ensure that the thread itself is in-character as much as it can be. The aim of a Clan thread is to highlight your clan and its actions in character and therefore the thread should remain in character. This also applies to any Sub-Forums within the Clan section (Unless it is an update thread or guideline thread posted by the Clan Officer).

When creating a Clan you must ensure the correct protocols are involved including the appropriate tags. When creating a Clan you must include ‘[Unofficial]’ in the title followed by the Clans name afterwards. This is to help players identify which Clans have received Official and which ones haven’t. Any Clans without the tags [Unofficial] are most likely Official Clans which have their own Sub-Forum

There are many features in which a Clan has that a Roleplay Group does not which follows down the path of Aggressive Roleplay. Clans have the ability to get into ‘wars’ with other clans which will ultimately result in the defeat of another clan. Wars must have a valid reason however and one cannot just declare war for the ‘action’ or without proper reasoning behind it. During the period of war for a Clan member to take part they must have a correct job title fitting to said clan and cannot partake if a Government or specifically passive job (E.G. Chef, Gun Dealer, ETC.)

As a clan you also have specific rights while roleplay as a specific job. Examples of this are refusing to supply a clan in which you oppose when roleplaying as a Gun Dealer (or any merchant job). However this does not mean you cannot supply to the general public.

Feel like a Roleplay group is continuously slandering your name or refusing to supply your crew? Your clan can take action. If a group acts in such aggressive manner towards your clan then you may put said Group under a ‘FearRP Bond’. During the period of the FearRP Bond the Group may not longer refuse to supply or aggressively slander the clans name. The only way a group is able to revoke this ‘FearRP Bond’ would either to hire another Clan to defend itself which could result in a Clan War (Where the group could shut down if the defending Clan losses) or by in-character negotiations such as court cases or fining. The ability to place the group under FearRP however must be confirmed by the reigning ‘Clan Officers’

Remember as a Clan even though your main premise is Aggressive Roleplay this still means you cannot break the rules to achieve it  and you still must roleplay your jobs accordingly whether or not during the times of war, during times of war you must also ensure to follow the ‘Clan War Rules’ which can be found here :

*All of the Newest Changes are in effect from 31/05/2018*

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