Report: Joe Joe
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Report: Joe Joe
Name of player: [FL] Joe Joe


Server: v5p

Time in GMT: God Knows

Summary: Joe Joe, banned me out of nowhere i had no clue what was going on he has no evidence for the ban i have asked him for evidence his evidence is apparently "I Can Tell its you by your voice" That is not evidence at all this is what he thinks i think this is so stupid how he has banned for 2 years and he doesnt even have bloody evidence im a loyal member too this server i get mad quite a lot and i always stay on the server happily i have spent a lot of money on moneypacks ig and i really do feel let down too be banned for 2 whole years and he has no evidence or i wasnt alerted by this ban a serious ban like so he should maybe message me too talk about it like be a bit reasonable not just staright ban me i find this actually very unproffesional.
Evidence: Evidence is not needed for this situation.

Hi Druggo,

Thanks for taking the time to make an Admin Abuse Case on myself however what I have done here is in no way, shape or form classified as abuse, and posting a thread for a punishment in which you did not like is not classed as abuse which can be seen in the 'Staff Report Instructions' Thread or the image below:

[Image: 92bbc24adce4ba10fcaaa5e170a29cdd.png]

Firstly there are plenty of valid reasons in which I punished you as you are infact a Double Account of the currently banned account 'Conorplays_'. You may wonder to yourself on how I know this, well that is what I'm about to explain as well as my innocence in the situation.

So some time ago myself and now Veteran 'Link' dealt with you for being a suspected Double Account of 'Conorplays_' however the ban was lifted when you what we believed was 'Druggo' and 'Conorplays_' talked to us on Discord. At the time Link recorded said video and kept it for a period of time, however after his resignation he cleared his videos and therefore this evidence was unobtainable:

[Image: d8c63cda5a63c9714e7f1c47fece3436.png]

However last night I was approached by a concerned member of the Community who sent me a link to a video showing you slandering a player on a different community. I watched the video closely and listened to the voice of 'Druggo' and then it clicked, your voice matched perfectly with 'Conorplays_' which can not be a coincidence seeing as you were believed to be a Double Accounter before. The voicing was a perfect match. As I have had my suspicions for some time now this evidence concluded you were not who you pretended to be on discord to myself and Link. Then I thought maybe its just 'Conorplays_' on 'Druggos' account. So I checked the forums on your 'Goodbye Thread', and what did I find? You deeply apologising to the community for your actions, meaning there was no denial that infact the voice was yours.  The Video and screenshots can be found below:

[Image: 23db96d83fca62886dd72bec41457a0c.png]

Now what you continue to inform me that I 'randomly' banned you where infact it was justified and very reasonable. However you claim that I am unable to ban you because I cannot provide evidence where in reality I don't have to unless requested by a superior however I did try my best to do so. 

To conclude in no way what I did was abuse and was a fair use of my power to stop you bypassing your ban as 'Conorplays_'. As you know the rule you have broke is quite serious. I did my best to provide evidence from Link however I was unable to. And do remember 'Conorplays_' I remember your voice therefore it was easy to come to the conclusion that the main reason you don't speak on FL is because your voice is very familiar within our community and you would not want to get caught. Thank you for reading this and for your time.

Yours Sincerely,
Joe Joe
Joe Joe
Fearless Administrator

[Image: hlDszEi.png]
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I Will make a response tomorrow as i am very tired right now

I have thought over this and im just gonna draw a line and say thats all i cant be arsed too argue dont know why i have been im gonna accept the ban even though im not a DA as i need too clear my head away from all the shit ive caused so sorry about this and yeah deny this pile of crap

Many Thanks

Ps, when the 2 year ban is over what happens then

Hi Druggo,

Sorry for the delayed reply. However once your ban has expired you will be able to come on FL and have another chance not to do this again. The DA will remain banned however and if you then choose to DA again your ban will be incredibly longer. So once the 2 year ban has expired you may re-join FL and play as normal!

Joe Joe
Joe Joe
Fearless Administrator

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Have I helped you out? Rep me >Here<
** User posted in a staff report thread without being related to the case **
I've got proof you're Connorplays, I've gone as far as to show you that proof. Your persistent reluctance to admit the proof I put forward points highly to me being correct.
Okay Joe Joe I Will wait out the 2 years wihtout problem Fieldy you have no reason too be here or at all commenting on the post please leave as you are not involved

Abuse case more suited for an unban request.

Kind Regards,
Ex-Supervising Administrator

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