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Old dupes

I have been away for quite a while and started playing again since yesterday. When I was browsing my dupes only the dupes from the old v2d server showed up (moved to v5p). Is there any way to recover my v33x and v2p dupes?
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Hello, and welcome back Sjloefrens!
As you’ve probably seen, we only have a V5P server now. You can get those dupes back thankfully!

At the top left, it will say Welcome to Fearless, Sjloefrens
Hovering over this will reveal a drop down selection of choices, of which you should choose “Character “
For this to work you’ll need to have your steam account connected to your forum account, you probably already do.
Hit manage advanced duplicates, and you’ll be presented with V5P dupes and V2D dupes, the V2D ones are the ones you are missing! (The other server got the V2D map back shortly before it was closed down). You will need to copy every single one back to V5P. Another misfortune is that paste at original location won’t work because of the two different maps, so you might have to paste them carefully back and recopy and save them. Some might have been made in buildings which no longer exist too.

My advice would be to copy only those which are the better sounding ones and try it all out ingame.

If you have any further questions let me know

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closed due to no reply from the owner for two weeks
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Missing server content try >This< and if you want to Rep me >here<

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