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Arrivederci Eclipze.
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Hope to see you stop by again whenever you can bro, best of luck.
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Shame to see you go man!
Good luck with life and hope you stay well.

We will miss you
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Didn't know you too well, Eclipze, but take care, and good luck in the future.
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Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!
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I'm so sad to see you leave Eclipze. You have been such a long standing member of the community and a great friend to many, myself included. I wish you all the luck in the world as you deserve it. I'm going to miss our random encounters in game. Stay in contact and good luck with your future.
Joe Joe
Fearless Trial-Admin

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Have I helped you out? Rep me >Here<
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Again, dad?

Bye papi, good luck and I wish you the best <3

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Good luck man!
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GoodBye Eclipze Sad You are a great guy and a funny one aswell. I hope your future will bring you all well.

Good luck Smile
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Farväl, mitt broderfolk.
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