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Title of Bug: Ban Page MySQL Error(s)


Searched up Zambie, I got a MySQL Error. Shown here:

Spoiler :
[Image: Screenshot_2017_03_24_at_19_28_29.png]
Kind Regards,

[Image: vvsPXMo.png]
Works fine for me:

Spoiler :
[Image: f6ee1bb9feb241a622b5a8ce0502108a.png]

Your image is broken btw.
Image should be fixed.
Kind Regards,

[Image: vvsPXMo.png]
Try inputting those special characters in your name as well as the alphabetical characters too.
[Image: IFIVHXo.png]

Just slap in your steam id
Is this still an issue?
[Image: zdrBuCE.png]

Thanks Envy for the signature
No longer an issue.
[Image: KInLxEm.png]

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