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[SPOILERS] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
[Image: rogueone-banner-rebels.jpg]

I really liked this movie. It was really enjoyable and I loved the way everything tied in with the other Star Wars movies.

I particularly liked some of the final scenes when Darth Vader appeared in the corridoor out of the dark and began chopping up rebels. His breathing in the darkness and then the red lightsaber piercing the shadows gave me chills.

So who else has been to see Rogue One? What did you think? 
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I loved it! And yea.. The Darth Vader scene was my favourite moment.
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it was actually pretty good, i was surprised. it was also surprising to see every main character die in the end.
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It was freaking amazing.
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As a huge star wars fan, it was a popcorn flick. 

The story wasn't 'that' well told and left me feeling a bit 'wanting a bit more' and like Tomo, favourite scene was when darth vader was cutting up rebels and they were relaying the death star plans.
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