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Good luck in the future.
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Bye Sharpshooter Sad
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bai m8
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 A +REP would be nice!
cya in a week like last time you "left"
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Cya later.
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Goodbye sharp.
Someone ate my signature
i kinda liked your one sentence posts and the discussions Sad bye though
Bye, Sharp.

You kind of started to grow on me, it's a shame you are leaving!
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(01-05-2017, 06:37 PM)Sharpshooter Wrote: I think it's time for me to leave Fearless forever.Even though my stay here was comperatively short,it was enough to witness the community falling apart.The staff is corrupt,updates are just stunts,and majority of the playerbase is toxic.My final reason is that many friends of mine have been permed or left.Farewell,everyone.

Don't judge the server too harshly. There's still some light in the tunnel there.

Nowadays I only lurk the forums but when I still played here a few months ago it was always the forums to me that was the toxic place.

It's an entirely different community on the server if you ask me which also explains why we have people disaggreeing with every game play enhancing feature, these people on forums are narrow minded while on the server you may occasionally find a smart/normal person. Newcomers, lonewolves and people in their irl/outside the server groups are the best kind of people to play with. They might even include you in their group and role plays. The rest are with their staff/teacher group and they get special treatment, mostly. Unless you have autism (/me /it and never mic or anything out of the rp and weird, dry sense of humor). The most boring people you can find. These ass lickers change as they get more staff and teacher friends (in a bad way).

Fortunately there were(/are?) staff and teachers who aren't just jerking it off with their friends.

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