Unbann request Oscar
Your name: xzizt(previous) Rashid Nezhmedtinov. STEAM_0:1:18491211
Your ban ID: 13173
Banned by: Console
Reason: Scammming x2
Involved: Dont remember
Why we should unban you: Hello, i played on these servers a long time ago for a short period. My ban was made in probably 2010 or something. The reasons for the ban was scamming which obviously was very foolish of me and wont occour again. Three of my friends have started playing on this server and i would like to join them. I have outgrown my previous and childy attitude and have gotten older and wiser. If you unbann me i will promise not to repeat my stupid actions and will follow the rules which are set by the server admins. 

[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:29300898&b=3]

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