What courses did you apply for?
Computer Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
(12-08-2014, 04:34 PM)Aviator Wrote:
(12-08-2014, 04:02 PM)RedHand Wrote: Well I am actually a few years away from choosing, however I do choose my GCSE Subjects this year

What are you thinking of doing for GCSE? Smile

Not so sure yet, possibly
Business studies
Not sure if they will be available and I'm not sure if I will still have interest in these by the time I chose my subjects, but I'm staying hopeful

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I just have these subjects:

- Maths           
- French
- Latin               
- Dutch (Own language)
- Geography      
- English
- Physics            
- Economics
- German           
- Music
- Acient Greek    
- PE
- Chemistry        
- History
- Biology            
- Art

So yeah. Bussy days. I am planning to go to University College (Politics, Economics etc.)
UC is not that common here in The Netherlands. We only have 4 Universities that have a small UC.
The studie takes about 3 years and it is in English.
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Currently, I'm taking:

-ICT (OCR National Level 3)
-Law (AS Level)
-Applied Science (BTEC Level 3)
- None

In my opinion, it's chilling for me to do these courses as law is the only one to take exams for, so I'm pretty happy what I'm currently doing. I'm hoping in the near future to apply for a course that I might enjoy; the top list of uni I would go to is University of Liverpool.
Don't know the British system,but I chose Spanish and IT this year
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